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How to remove TSC_GENCLEAN virus

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The good news first : TSC_GENCLEAN is not actually a virus . " GENCLEAN " stands for " GeneriClean , " a Trend Micro application that comes bundled with many of their antivirus packages . If you run the Trend Micro OfficeScan application, however, you may be seeing warnings about the "TSC_GENCLEAN" virus. This is a programming error that replaces the actual names of virus files with this phrase, making it hard to see what is actually on your computer. The company has provided a free fix you can request to remove this bug. Things You'll Need
Trend Micro OfficeScan
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Find the Trend Micro Support customer contact phone number from the link under Resources. Make sure you select the country you are calling to get the right information.

Describe your problem to customer service and request correction. The file they should mail you is " OSCE_7.0_WIN_EN_HFB1398.exe . " Confirm that this is what the company will send you .

Download the file from your email account.

Double - click the file to open it . It will run automatically and stop seeing "TSC_GENCLEAN" listed in the virus report.

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