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How to Remove Virus Shortcut

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As Remove Virus Shortcut.
Shortcuts Virus ¿? ... What's that? Before we begin, let me let you know that this is not a "virus" as such, ie not damage your files and puts them in poor or something like that. The famous and well-known Direct Access Virus does is give many HEADACHES; Especially when you get to the stop storing your unit.
So How a Virus Shortcut?
Okay, let me explain: What it does is convert all files stored in a fixed or portable device, shortcuts. I think you already know what they consist, however, in case you do not know which are consist of graphic representations of a file, commonly called icons, whose main feature is a small arrow embedded in the lower left corner, and give double click on an application or program running.
This is an icon that represents the shortcut on the iexplore.exe file, running the Internet Explorer application.
These icons simplify daily tasks to perform some task on a computer. But if you had stored your vital information and suddenly you see that your files become shortcuts and double clicking to do nothing and worse, your folders with more data stored seemingly disappear ... I desesperarías Not is this correct?
But that is the principle to add them .lnk file extension (meaning LINK, which is Spanish League or Link) even if the returns folders shortcuts. Besides, it makes you believe that this eliminated much of the information that you were saved, but in reality it is hiding these files so that you can not find your eye.
How To Know If You A Virus Shortcut.
Perhaps you do not realize that your system is infected, only you will know when you insert a USB memory and try to store information. But you can tell that something is wrong with your computer by a simple review. You only need:
Open the Start menu and click Run your Windows (XP) or Search Programs and Files (Windows Vista and Windows 7).
Type MSCONFIG command and press the ENTER key on your keyboard. It opens a window in which 4 tabs appear.
Choose the one that says "Starting Windows". Here you will find programs that are "loaded" to start your OS. Look closely at the installed programs, possibly find something like this:
Note that in the last element Start says xn, the manufacturer is unknown and that the command is suspect: cuoyoo.exe
This command, from experience, is a virus. But you need not be an expert, you can just Google it and you will realize that does not match any file system or application. Therefore we must proceed to remove it.


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