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How to remove virus snap.do

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We'll go first by operating systems and then by browser. If you're using Windows 8: go to Control Panel (You can access from the shortcut menu by clicking the right mouse button in the lower left corner of the screen). Once Control Panel, go to "Uninstall a program". Search for "Snap.do" and click "Uninstall". You may also be under the name QuickShare.
In Windows 7: go to Control Panel (from the Start button) and once there, "Programs and Features". Search for "Snap.do" or any suspicious application installed recently and click "Uninstall".
In Windows XP: go to Control Panel from Start. Click "Add or Remove Programs", find and delete Snap.do.
Now it Snap.do delete browser. If you're using Internet Explorer, go to Settings (click on the wheel icon, top right corner)> Manage Add-ons. Search Snap.Do and Snap.DoEngine, select them and check "Disable". Then go to Internet Options> General and in the field of the home page enter the address you want. Back to Manage Add-ons and in "Search Providers" choose default Google or Bing and eliminates "Web Search".
In Google Chrome: click on the button with three horizontal lines (at the top right of the screen) and go to Tools. Once there, go to Extensions, looking Snap.Do, select it and click the trash icon. To change the home page, go to "Settings" and in "startup", click "Set pages" and type the address you want. Finally, in "Search", click "Manage Search Engines". Removes Web and choose the search engine you want.
In Mozilla Firefox: click on the button with three horizontal lines on the top right of the screen and select "Accessories". Search Snap.Do and select "Delete." Re-click on the button of the three horizontal lines and select "Preferences". In the "General" screen, enter the address of the home you want. In the finder bar, click the icon and go to "Manage Search Engines". Removes Web Search and select the search engine you prefer.
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