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Error while retrieving information from server

Hi, not sure if it's the right thread but I think it is something like what happens to me, I if I can get into Play Store but when I want to download any application I get Herror there was an error retrieving the server information [RPC: S-3: AEC-0] and [RPC: S-7: AEC-0] and not get in any way to download any application, if I have to say that the Wi-Fi icon never changes color is always white, thaks in advance if anyone helps me because I can not have any application.

Error retrieving information from server rpc s-7 aec-0 

I get this error while trying download something

How to fix error retrieving information from server rpc s-7 aec-0 google play store 

Do you have any solution about it error retrieving message from server on android phone?


rpc:s-7:aec-0google play error rpc:s-7 aec-0

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Solution to error retrieving information from server RPC: S-7: AEC-0

Before you continue reading, you notice the error code red title: only use this solution if you are getting an error with the same code, BUT NO. And seriously, different codes represent various errors, and each requiring a different solution.

However, the RPC error: S -3 usually occurs after upgrading to a new version of Android and want to install an update to an application it came from the factory, usually happens with Facebook, and this happens because the old application was not intended for the brand new features of the new Google Play.

The error RPC error: S -7 is also popping up lately but it's not clear why what is generated.

There are two methods to solve both errors disseminated...

Method 1: Level: Easy

First we have to remove our Google account settings on this device. Go to: Settings > Accounts > Google > Delete Account we .

Then, we will:

  • Settings> Applications > All> Downloads > delete data.
  • Settings> Applications > All> Play Store> delete data.
  • Settings> Apps > All> Google Services Framework (or if they have it in English: Google Service Framework) > delete data.
  • We turn off the device. Turn it on again. We are going to Settings> Accounts> Add Account, and checked again. Then go to the Play Store and it should work.

If this method does not work ... you come

Method 2. Level: Advanced / Technical

I ask you to read carefully the steps because the solution is a bit technical: as the procedure recommended by those who managed to solve it is to go to Android Store and download the APK application file in hand with the browser's own phone or tablet. If the download does not work from the device, you have to download it to your PC and copy it to the device using the USB cable to the download folder of the external memory (microSD).

The Facebook app is the one most commonly generating this error, so the tutorial will focus on solving the case of Facebook, but changing the download files can be applied to almost any application that is giving you this problem.

If your problem is with the Facebook application, you'll be able to download the APK file from this site,

Download Facebook  APK

If the application that gives you problems is another, here I share with you a minitutorial so you can download the APK:

How to download APK files Google Play Store

Once we have the APK file to your Android device , to run it we will have to , first, to enable installation from Unknown Sources , going to Settings> Security> and mark the box for Unknown Sources option . In some versions, rather than security, this option may be within or Options Applications Developer .

Then with the Android file manager or any application that we could lose to handle files (Recommended: you ES File Explorer File Manager or Total Commander) will find the APK file you downloaded. If you downloaded from the device itself, certainly is in the Downloads folder (folder: sdcard / download) . If I copied it via USB, you should have copied to that folder :)

Simply open the APK file with a touch and when we asked to do , we must choose INSTALL .

If we come to realize that we had installed version is newer than the APK, must end for now, go to Settings> Applications> seek apk and uninstall. Reboot the device. We return to the Downloads folder, and now, to install the version you downloaded.

At the end, open the application and we login on Facebook with your username and password provided. Close the application and restart the device again. Now go to the Play Store to check for updates, and we should already work fine again.

When finished, do not forget to turn back the option to accept “Unknown Sources” for added safety.

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play store error retrieving information from server rpc s-7

My error code was partially different but it worked. alcatel onetouch pop c2
I format it and then the error started
thank you very much. I have Huawei Mediapad S7-301u and this helped me !
with the answer first of all :) I try to explain what happened to me: I had memory problems on the phone, internal memory, then after so I tried to free it, not having anything in particular, I decided to bring it back to the factory settings only that when I went to connect my google account has started to give me problems is talk that the google play store. In particular, it gives me: "error while retrieving information from the server. [RPC: S 7: 7 * AEC- code here continues but I do not know what it is and whether they are personal data since no one wrote it *]. Before resetting google play services was not ... I wish it was that the problem :( I just can not re-download play because the store does not go :( it seems a bit absurd as problem
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how we should reboot ,where?
Motorola Xoom Android 3.1. Googled "Google Services APK File" with the tablet. Found file and downloaded it to the tablet device. Located file in downloads,  pressed on it, verified and installed. Now all APPS download and install in a hurry!! Worked Great! Thank you
Go to Sync...  Click Google the Google play sync
Problem solved...  Don't delete anything
thx for your instruction..i have fix my problem on bluestack beta-1
asked Sep 30, 2015 in Android by anonymous i have celconA9+ handset
Error I was receiving on 4.0.4 ICS Android:

error retrieving information from server RPC-7 AEC-7 HC4D-KKS4-ADDUI

Thanks for the help.   I did the following and it worked fine:

1.  Settings/Application Manager>All>Google Play Store>Clear Data
2.  Settings/Accounts & Sync/remove Google account.
3. Reboot
4. Open Play Store, select "existing acct" and proceed to login with existing google id/pw.

5.  After few moments, play store will open and you downloads will succeed.

Hope this also helps.
Thank you!!! Worked!  I had dug out my old Toshiba Thrive to repurpose it and was getting this and other errors.  This fixed my problem. Downloading updates fine now. Thanks!
Thanks! Method 1 worked for me ( Meizu Pro 5 ).
It's working ... I tried the first method and succeed in my phone Asus Zenfone 6 ... Thanks for providing this great solution ...

I tried method 1 and it worked. Tqvm. I am using a tablet made in China and is a China brand. Tq bro.
downloading the apk n installing worked for me. Thanks!
I've had the problem with this error. I couldn't install anything, not even google play services.
Tried everything, factory reset, deleting cache, creating accounts, deleting accounts... NOTHING helped.

The only thing that WORKED is manually downloading .apk for app I wanted to install. Using browser on your mobile, download the .apk for wanted application, then go to Downloads on your phone and choose .apk file -> install.
That worked for WhatsApp, I presume it will work for others (for ex. google play services).

Hope this helpes. Cheers
Thanks man! The second step worked for me. I just cleared the data of Facebook, and voila! Finally My Play Store got to work again. Thank you so much.
Thank you, I have an HTC One M9 and about 3 days ago I began getting the same error message when I tried to download any app. Even app updates didn't want to install. I used your advice and removed my Google account from the phone, restarted it and then registered my Google account again, that's all, and it worked.
THANKS.. worked for me in bluestacks.
hi, My phone has the same problem but I have try the method that you have posted here but its didn't help Me its still say the same thing
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In our device (phone, tablet, etc.) we will go to where it says "Settings" (has a picture / icon of a wrench)
Now the option that says "Applications" and as being inside we go to where it says "All"
Here we look for the one that says "Google Service Framework"
We click where it says "Delete Cache", then right there where it says "Delete Data" and there in "Force Stop" (in any of these options we accept if you put a warning)
And now we repeat step 2, but this time we seek that says "Google Play Services" and do the same as in step 4.
Then we return back to step 2, and finally choose the one that says "Google Play Store" and repeat step 4.
Finally we turn off our device (phone, tablet, etc.), we remove and put back the battery / battery, and turn to turn.
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Solution to error retrieving information from server rpc:s-7:aec-0

Yesterday a friend told me that the following problem in your Android "Error retrieving information served [RPC: S-7: AEC-0]" and has tried to follow the steps of our entry How to solve the problem 

rpc s-7 aec-0 server

To do this, follow these steps:

  1. On your Android device , go to Settings
  2. Then Applications, and inside we go to the All tab
  3. Here locate and click on Google Services Framework
  4. Once inside we delete the cache, then We delete the data and force stop.
  5. Repeat these operations also advise with Google services with Google Play and Play Store
  6. After restart the terminal and attempt to download / update an application and see if everything went well.

It seems that users who have had this problem and have followed these steps have corrected that error, although it should be noted that this process is not the most recommended by Google ( you can see the details of what is involved in this process at this link)



bluestacks error retrieving information from server

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Thank you very much. It worked on my new Android Smart Phone. No more error messages trying to download an App from Google Play! I had thought my new phone was defected!
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Hello Friend, I served me much your tutorial, fix my error, "Play store error retrieving information from server rpc s-7 aec-0 fix here now this is best solution for us", thank you very much ... ..
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Thank you. I setup a tablet for my grandson as the owner, then removed him by doing a factory reset and making myself the owner. When I added him back as a user and tried to download from Google Play, I got the RPC error, but only when logged on as him. Other fixes I googled did not work. Your solution is working perfectly! Thanks again!
that does not work for my samsung galaxy 3 tablet
The solution is to delete the account you were using the Google Play Store.
So Settings-> Accounts -> [Google Account] -> Delete account.
After warnings that some data may be lost, and I accepted it as God wills ... Thereupon entered the Play Store.
I request a Google account and I put the same account that I borrado..y voila !! everything works again and I have not lost any device information
Oh my gosh. Thank you SO MUCH! I was so worried my phone was broken! XD I have a Alcatel OneTouch Evolve 2 Thank you!
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thnx for helping me......... without you i cant able to do  this.
google play error retrieving information from server rpc s-7 aec-0 work on my android 6.0 Marshmallow
I don't know maybe im missing it but I cant find "applications" after I go to settings.
Just got my alcatel one touch fierce 2 phone from tmobile in the mail and connected to wifi.
Tried to download a game and kept getting an error. Tried instagram same thing.

Tried method one and it worked. Thank you so much!
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Thanks for sharing.
Perfect, thank you my ... run me first with your advice:
"... It is no longer I could think of a solution and chose to do what he did not want. Delete Google Account that was using the Play Store. So Settings-> Accounts -> [Google Account] -> Delete account. After warnings that may lose some data, I accepted and that is what God wants ... Immediately afterwards entered the Play Store. I request a Google account and put my same account I borrado..y voila !! everything works again and I have not lost any device information. Result: SUCCESS
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How to solve google play store error while retrieving information from server rpc 7 on samsung galaxy?

  1. Go to "Settings"
  2. Tap “Applications”
  3. Tap “Manage Applications”
  4. Select "All"
  5. Scroll to and tap “Google Play Store”
  6. Tap “Force Stop”, tap “OK”, tap “Clear data”, and tap "OK".
  7. Tap the Back button to get back to the applications list.
  8. Scroll to and tap “Google Service Framework”
  9. Tap “Force Stop”, tap “OK”, tap “Clear data”, and tap "OK".
  10. Now reboot  device.

Solution to bluestacks error retrieving information from server rpc s-7

[RPC: S-3: AEC-0] and [RPC: S-7: AEC-0]

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"I fix it coming from another device had the problem in the tablet so I entered from the laptop, as buy something from there, the balance was restored in the tablet, luck !!!"
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The error is because there is an application from Google that it is no longer accepted on servers such as google talk. You should only lose hanguots by the browser and refresh talk and then put google account and ready arranged the alleged error.
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Hi followed the steps in this post, I delete cache and stuff but I do not work for me. But you say you have some sense that it started when erase the application of google talk, if you could help me solve the problem as you install it again grateful
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simply restart
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Greetings from Usa and the truth if I ran friend thanks for the contribution
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Shortcut -> Settings - Manage applications - Google Services Framework - Force stop [OK] - Clear data [OK]
thank you very much, it solved my problem.
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I also wanted to download a paid music and impossible as well as on the mobile web. I did all cache flushes and recommended updates on the web and no improvement.

=> So I checked my means of payment, I had my registered operator, I added a credit card and there miracle it works ....
This can perhaps help you.
its works for me as well in micromax canvas 2 colors a120
Worked on an Acer Iconia tablet, was getting the error after deleting data on Google Play Services/Download Manager/Google Play Store(that was the culprit I believe). Many thanks
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Error while retrieving information from server rpc s-7 aec-0  solution on whatsapp

if you get Error retrieving information from the [RPC: S-7: AEC-0] server on whatsaap you can solve like this

Sometimes during the payment process WhatsApp, can cause problems that prevent success. If you get an error message appears when retrieving server information [RPC: S-7: AEC-0] or the system crashes during payment (as explained in the FAQ section of the website of WhatsApp), comes from this mode: 

Delete your cache: Settings> Applications> Google Play Store, and from here delete data and cache. 


Delete your account: Settings> Google (it's in the Accounts section), then select the account you want to delete, from the menu with the three dots located at the top right, select Delete Account.


Error retrieving information from server rpc s-7 aec-0

Turn off and turn on the phone. 

Log back into your Google account: Settings> Google (is in the Account section) and then log. 

If you're still having problems, Google updates Play application and check the information of your credit card you have stored in your account is correct.

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I served thank you very much ... I could update and re-download Whatsapp ... Thanks
I have that problem, I'm looking at all the links related to this probem and I've done this procedure over and over, many times and continues to the same problem, I get a very long message, like this: Whatsapp messenger can not be download due to an error. (there was an error retrieving the server information [RPC: S-7: AEC-7 (and then get a series of numbers and letters, which is not always the same eg 5Z2T-ZVNF-WA7A2].) These we last vary each attempt. internet I find solution, my phone is samsung galaxy ace gt-s5830 and tube to restart the factory that did not turn on me and now, gives me trouble downloading applications, in this case whatsapp, thanks!
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why do I have problems installation of free Facebook with server (RPC:S-7:AEC-0)?
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I have solution u need to just set date n time correctly thats it because when we reboot our cell.then date and time changed and we dont saw it sometimes thats y we found that error ok good luck itz worked try it :) Easy method works on Note3
I cannot update clash of clan on my playstore.
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Whatsapp: Error retrieving information from the [RPC: S-7: AEC-0] server - 
Sometimes when we make payment WhatsApp, can produce any problems that prevent successful. 
If the error message appears when you retrieve the server information at some point [RPC: S-7: AEC-0] must follow the following steps: 
Check that the information we have stored credit card is correct. 
Verify that the application of Google Play this updated to the latest version. 
After performing these steps, the problem persists, we will make the following steps: 
Clear the cache: Settings> Applications> Google Play Store> Delete data and Clear cache. 
Delete your account: Settings> Accounts> tap the account you want to delete, and on top, the menu with the three dots, select Delete Account. 
Restart your phone. 
Log back into your Google account: Settings> Accounts> Add Account. 
Sure that now the problem is solved! 
my bluestacks app in PC error retrieving information from server. [RPC:S-7:AEC-0]
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it works thanks a million about The error retrieving information from server RPC: S-7 occurs rarely but it is not impossible that this code appears. In fact, it manifests itself in the Google Play Store is being updated. In principle, just a little patience for the problem to be solved automatically, that is to say when the updates are completed.

Nevertheless, the problem can persist in which case it will be enough to go to Settings> Applications> Tab "ALL"> Google Search Services> Delete Data> Force stop. Then he will repeat the handling for the application of Google Play Store.


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this section is in Settings-> Applications .... you'll see that come up that put Downloaded flanges, In Progress ... because if you slide it to the left will also come out and disabled ALL :)
Hello, I had the problem with this error, and when he felt delete the account I went out I had to reboot makes the phone by uqe the account was being used by some applications, then restart it several times but always creating the account me kept coming out the same mistake, so I decided to reset it again and log in with an old score when I did if I let download, p ero that has not could leave the cell, so I play reformatting, and opening an account new, and again the error, then what I did was FINALLY open a new account from another cell, and then go with it in which the error had worked me
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I have a SGH-T999 Galaxy S3 android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean and would not let me install apps almost no play is in store...

already had good time looking for that would not let me install apps giving me the message that:

"Your device is not compatible with this version"

When I went directly to the link to the App since the search from within the app Play Store did not even resulted in my search that application

I did everything... and nothing.

Update the Play Store:

Manually downloading it from my computer and then passing it on to my phone cable ... then ... it did install OK

Here if I did not try and be updated with the Play Store had already solved the problem

By doing this (of this solution in this article) to clear the cache and delete the data from these applications and then restart google ...

Rebooting and entering Play Store showed me the new version all sorted :)

Excellent ... thank you very much
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google play error server?
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Settings \ Applications \ All: for the Google Play Store, Google Services Framework and Services Google Play do: stop, delete data, delete, update, clear the cache.
Settings \ Accounts \ Google account to sync settings, remove all ticks.
Restart the device.
Immediately after reboot, Settings \ Accounts \ Google and put a tick back (when a timing error not paying attention).
Restart the device.
best solution for you
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If you play the market again generates an error when receiving data from the server [RPC: S -7: AEC-0]
It is necessary to make a couple of points:

Go to Settings

Select the Applications item

Go to the All tab

We are looking for an application called Google Serveces Framevork

Press the following buttons:


Delete (or Delete or Delete) data

 Delete (or Delete or Delete) cache

Looking for Services application Google Play

Similarly, we delete the cache

Go to the item Memory Management

Click on the Delete All Data

Reboot your Android device

I hope this guide will help you get rid of the bugs in the playoff Market [RPC: S -7: AEC-0].
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Hey look good because I have an LG-L5 II
and my problem is that when I want to play descargarme any app from store I get a message that says. "Instagram can not be downloaded due to an error (There was an error retrieving the server information [RPC:. S-3 ])
I've tried everything they have advised me like going to settings-> applications-> search under google servicips delete data and forcing closure and the same with google play store and then restart the phone or delete the account also play store but no Siguo unable to download any. Please help me
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My happened to me the same thing and had tried a few things and nothing.
In the end what I've done has been deleted Google Account
You walk into applications and go to each and there looking for "google services framework" on this page forces arrest and then wipe data, then search for "google play Store" and haceds the same as the above, I then restart your mobile I went to the Play Store and relocating my username and update instagram could pass without problem.
Not if I have explained well, any questions ... put it.
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hello everyone! also happens to me the same problem. are now on the list of wipe, such use?
1-wipe data / factory reset
2- wipe cache partition

Also there are other options:
1-reboot system now
2- apply update from external storage
3- apply upddate from cache

THANKS in advance !!!
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  1. We enter the menu "System Settings". There are two ways: the first is through the Settings icon that is sometimes present in the home screen of the tablet (as in Prolink), the second is through the three-point icon in the status bar . Anyway what matters is that you enter the menu.
  2. Who was struck on the icon of the three points a combo box where should choose "Manage Applications" and then you have to pass them appear instruction 4.
  3. In contrast to those who struck the icon "Settings" you will be shown the main menu System Settings and he must first choose "Applications" and then the tab "All" so they can display all applications that are installed on the tablet.
  4. From here the steps are the same for everyone. You have to locate the "Google Services Framework" application and press it.
  5. We show several buttons 
  6. At the next screen, you must press the one containing the "Force Stop" option.
  7. For security, the system will ask if we really want to force stop the application informing us that if we could the application does not operate correctly, precisely because we want to stop is not working properly choose "OK".
  8. Now the application is stopped. At this point press the "Clear Data" option.
  9. Again for safety we are asked if we want to, and blah blah blah again choose "OK" to delete those blessed data that are doing that we can not download anything from the Play Store.
  10. That was it. Now turn off the tablet, the turn to turn, entered the Google Play Store and we can download the applications you want.
To delete google account. (In parameters, select google accounts and delete) and then reconfigure it.
Alternatively go to the applications (in parameters) and google store and delete the cache and data, forcing the google play blind stop.
restart the like
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  • Access the Settings menu and then tap Applications.
  • Scroll horizontally to the entry All, here are all the applications installed on your device.
  • Search Google Play services  application.
  • Click on Clear Cache and then Clear Data. If you have a device with Android KitKat or siguentes you need to click on Manage Space and then Delete all data.
  • Back now to Application> All and Select Google Services Framework menu. And then select Clear Cache and Clear Data.

if you have still this error try

Starts again on the home screen and click on Menu -> Settings -> Accounts and sync. Select in the list of your Google Account, with whom also the Google Play Store uses. Is this open, click the bottom right "Remove Account". Now follow the wizard to remove the Google account. Only the link between smartphone and Google account is deleted. It will not be lost mails or other data.

The application Google Play Services and Google Services Framework is the cause the retrieving server information. [RPC: S-7: AEC-7] error

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Apparently it is a widespread issue when installing the 4.3 + Sense 5

well in my case I did what falfe mate several times, but no way, however much they deactivated the Google services, erasing the cache and removed the Google account, anything, to relocate the account I exited the same erro.

In the end I wrote an email to the support downloads and app purchases from the store and contacted me to request more details, but they had already spent a few days and went back to try case before answering and it worked, ie I think something did in my account to make it work.

Thank you all for the answers.
Very useful information
I had a galaxy s5 stored decided to put sheet music on it kept getting browser would not support going to google play store to get app to install  checked date and time corrected same [just  10 mins off] didn't help found this page deleted my google acct. made new one same name and password  now up and running THANKS!!
My phone is wiko and I am having error retrieving information from server how can I solve it
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For a couple of days ago has been listening to the mistake, and I personally was affected last night, and it was actually very annoying. When accedíamos to a purchased in Google Play that we had installed application and download it were getting an error trying to connect to the server, and it was impossible to install any application that we had bought, which is far more nuisance if applications can not be installed are free, because when one would touch the money is more disturbed.
Furthermore multiple errors are not all users have experienced equal. Some left them a message on the page load application, others a pop-up with the error and some are completely empty list of purchased applications.
But we bring you good news, since Google is already working on this error in Android. I actually already have been able to install applications purchased today, so I can confirm that begins to work again. It seems that the problem is a combination of errors in Google Play, and some have already been solved, but others are still in process, so if you have not yet purchased your applications, patience, do not think that take more than one or appear two days to get it ready.
Would you saw affected by the error? Already been solved in your terminal?
To Jeremiah, Cinthya and Angella, and all those who the message that has stopped the application of Google Play Store appears ... have to go to Settings> Application Manager> All, and in that long list should look and touch the "Downloads" application that appears with an icon of Android. In there must verify that it is not disabled, that is, touch the "Enable" button if present, and then touch "Force Stop" and restart the unit. Turn it off, turn it on, and it should work fine.
i had a same issue and my issue was resolved with these steps..

Go to settings >application > Play Store >Clear Data & Clear Cache.

Go to accounts >Google >Remove account.
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