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Error while retrieving information from server

Hi, not sure if it's the right thread but I think it is something like what happens to me, I if I can get into Play Store but when I want to download any application I get Herror there was an error retrieving the server information [RPC: S-3: AEC-0] and [RPC: S-7: AEC-0] and not get in any way to download any application, if I have to say that the Wi-Fi icon never changes color is always white, thaks in advance if anyone helps me because I can not have any application.

Error retrieving information from server rpc s-7 aec-0 

I get this error while trying download something

How to fix error retrieving information from server rpc s-7 aec-0 google play store 

Do you have any solution about it error retrieving message from server on android phone?


rpc:s-7:aec-0google play error rpc:s-7 aec-0

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This is what I did, I downloaded 1mobile app store and used it to update all the apps, then google started working again.

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I was having the same problem.
Before flashing...

Clear all cache and wipe/reset phone.
I just flashed the phone again and everything started working.
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'had that problem last night and searching I found several solutions that does not solve my problem (it is solved alone this morning)
We must remove the google account. (In parameters, google accounts select and delete) and then reconfigure it.
Alternatively go to the applications (in parameters) and google store and delete the cache and data, forcing the google play store to stop.
restart it as...
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Creating a google account from the device have solved the problem in my case.
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It doesn't work at my tablet. Before i did a factory reset and now I can't to download items from play store. Why it does't work? I follow the steps to delete account and to add account again and delete data to all files that you said but it didn't work. I tried 4 times
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The problem has to do with google account, because I reinivie my phone and not funicona, rpc error: s-7 BCE: 0, and in no time I could fix it or doing a soft or hard reset, or another account google new, however google my old account, if I let me download and works on another device, so the problem is google server or the same phone, with a poor configuration, poor root or something like thatIt has nothing to do with google account itself.
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Hello friend. I have same problem like you. I don't know how fix it . if you will get any answer so pls mail me
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