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What is the for the error retrieving information?

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 On your Android device , we go to Settings
2 - . Then Applications, and inside we go to the All tab
. 3 - Here locate and click on Google Services Framework
. 4 - Once inside we delete the cache, then We delete the data and force arrest.
. 5 - repeat these operations also advise with Google services with Google Play and Play Store
. 6 - After restart the terminal and attempt to download / update an application and see if everything went well .
Thank you! It fixed the problem.
Totally worked, thank you computer dude!
Salute! U are a true hero. It worked perfect.
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"1) Click on the" Settings "on the Home screen
2) Go to the section "Device" on the left side of the page and then click on "Applications"
3) At the top of the page there are 4 sections: "DISCHARGED", "SD CARD", "RUNNING" and "ALL"
4) Click "ALL"
5) Look at the list and search for "Google Services Framework". Then click it
6) On this page please click on "Force stop" and then click "Clear Data"
7) Turn off the tablet by pressing the power button for a few seconds and then restart it.
8) Click "Play Store" on the home page to download applications from Google Play Store "
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OTHER SOLUTIONS ABOUT android error retrieving information from server


Go to settings >application > Play Store >Clear Data & Clear Cache.

Go to accounts >Google >Remove account.

Reboot device.

Again Settings>Account >Google >Log In.

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First method - Clean all cache and data

Go to "Settings". Enter "Applications" and then "Manage Applications". Select "All".
Go to "Google Services Framework" and press "Delete data" and "Clear Cache" to delete all data related Google Services Framework.
Go to "Google Play Store" and select "Delete data and clear cache" to delete all data related to Google Play Store.

Second method - Remove and add your account Google Play Store

Go to "Settings". He then goes into "Accounts" select "Google" and "Your account".
Go to "Menu" and select "Delete Account". Then "Add your account".
Now restart your mobile and try to download or update an app.
What if your mistake has not yet been solved? Do not worry, there are more solutions. You count them below:

Third method - download and install a different version of Google Play

Sometimes a different version works better than you already have. Try to find a (old or newer) and test it.

Fourth method - Check if Google Play is installed on your device as system application rather than user application. (It takes rootear)

If Google Play is installed on your device as a user application, try to install it as an application system. There is an application that helps you easily change. Look for it: it is called "/ system / app move". You may need to root your android device before using it, so do it at your own risk.

Use an application different market

You could try a different market application, as 1mobile or SlideME. There are some others, and depends on what you prefer to use.

Factory data reset

If you do not like the idea of ​​using other applications market, the next solution is to make a complete reset of the phone. This will remove all data from your device, so make sure you keep what you do not want to lose. To carry it out, you only have to enter "Settings", "Personal" and "Reset".

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Hi, I have a poblema with google account. At first I came out an error in the play store that could not retrieve information from the served. To fix it I deleted the google account that had linked. Now I try to link it again and stays on the screen that puts Checking information ... but does not go there, I've tried has clear data and cache the play store, services google and nothing the problem is not solved.
What I can do?
tyr this
Go to "Settings". Enter "Applications" and then "Manage Applications". Select "All".
Go to "Google Services Framework" and press "Delete data" and "Clear Cache" to delete all data related Google Services Framework.
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