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Error while retrieving information from server [RPC: S-1: AEC-0] "  

rpc s-1 aec-0

error rpc:s-1:AEC-0

error rpc s-1 aec-0

error [rpc:s-1:aec-0]


error rpc s 1

I want to know how to solve  error [rpc:s-1:aec-0]  and it is very big problem forme please help me to solve  error [rpc:s-1:aec-0] promlem

are there any way to solve error [rpc:s-1:aec-0]

errores android rpc s 1


error while retrieving information from server

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Before you continue reading , you notice the error code red title : only use this solution if you are getting an error with the same code , BUT NO. And seriously, different codes represent various errors , and each requiring a different solution.
It is a mistake that began to run in Android 4 to the end of 2013 .
What I recommend from Android forums is to go to Applications , and opening one by one, Downloads , Google Play Store and is called Google Services Framework (or Google Services Platform ) , and touch the 3 cases " force Stop "," Clear data " button and presents if escroleamos down to" Empty Cache " . Do this on all three applications , and then immediately turn off and on the computer. Then turn it on again, now try the download. If that was not resolved , repeat ALL recommend the process but before you restart the computer , go to Settings, Accounts , and delete our Google account settings . After turning on the computer , we must reshape our Google account before attempting to download . But it should work if you follow these step to the letter .
error rpc:s-1:aec-0
Error [RPC:S-1AEC-0]
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If you see the error message "There has been an error retrieving information from server [RPC: S-1: AEC-0]" or if you get stuck when you start the payment process, please follow these steps:
Go to Settings> Applications> Store Google Play> Clear data and Clear cache
Go to Settings> Accounts> Google> Select an account> Delete account
Restart your device
Go to Settings> Account> Google> Login
Please check that you are using the latest version of Google Play. Also, check that the information in your credit card, as the expiration date is correctly updated. You can also log in with your Google Wallet on a computer (not on a tablet or mobile) and edit your information Payments> Edit.
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