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How to Perform a Hard Reset to any terminal with Windows Phone

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Well folks, here we will see how to do a hard reset at any terminal with Windows Phone ...
The Hard reset deletes all data stored on the mobile irreversibly leaving it as it came from the factory so any third-party application also miss, use the hard reset to delete user code or if you want to transfer your phone else. The hard reset should be performed with the battery charged at least 50% to avoid the process is interrupted.
Hard Reset HTC HD7, Trophy, Mozart, and 7 Surround Pro:
1- With the phone turned off, press volume up and volume down simultaneously hold lightly press the power button.
2- Wait until the screen displays instructions for performing the factory reset and drop the volume buttons.
3- Follow the onscreen instructions.
Hard Reset Samsung Omnia 7 and Samsung Focus:
1- With the phone off, simultaneously press the camera button, volume down and power.
2- Release the power button when the phone vibrates, but hold the camera button and volume down.
3- Stop pressing the buttons when the phone displays a message on screen.
4- Press the button of Windows Image.
5- Return to press the Windows button to confirm the Hard Reset Image.
Hard Reset LG Optimus 7 and LG Quantum:
1- With the phone off, simultaneously press the Vol + & - buttons, camera button and hold briefly press the power button.
2- Wait legend Clean Boot, then must release the buttons and wait for the phone to reboot appears.
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