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How to Hack or Jailbreak a Windows Phone with ChevronWP7  Jailbreak a Windows Phone  can you help me how to Jailbreak a Windows Phone 

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Something very common in Android is to root access, or make a jailbreak if we talk about iPhone but is it possible to do something similar in Windows Phone? Yes, we explain how. For them we use a program called ChevronWP7 that enable developer mode on Windows Mobile Phone, which allows us to install apps without going through the Marketplace. The procedure is as follows: Disable the screen saver and automatic locking device. Install the Windows Phone SDK. Access from phone browser to the following URL to download the certificate ChevronWP7: http://www.chevronwp7.com/cert Download the program from the official website of ChevronWP7. We connect the phone via USB to your PC. Run the program.

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