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How to erase and format any Windows Phone, even from a distance

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In this rapidly changing field where mobile evolve at breakneck speed, most users do not hold more than two years with the same smartphone, being designed for the change to the new is almost one year. And at this rate, nearly all end up selling your old phone to buy a new one, finding in the second hand market a good option to save some for the next terminal. And there is a mandatory step before delivering an old mobile: delete and format all data, being quite simple to do on any Windows Phone, while also including version 8. Even our distance can reformat Windows Phone, having access to it even even if we lose or stolen.
How to erase and format any Windows Phone, even from a distance
To proceed to our Windows Phone formatted both 7.5 and 8 is required only small steps, keeping in mind that we must have access to mobile and navigate between settings. To do this:
We enter "Settings".
Descend to "Information".
Here proceed to click on "Restore initial configuration".
We will skip a notice as they will precede delete and format the phone, asking acceptance to continue.
Once we have accepted, Windows Phone will reboot and was proceeding to restore factory, thereby losing all the information, programs and photographs that we had saved.
How to erase and format any Windows Phone, even from a distance
This can provided access our phone, because it could happen that will not start, thereby imposibilitándose we can enter the settings to erase and format the data. Although we can do it via "hard reset", which is the factory data reset using phone buttons. This varies with each manufacturer, although usually the same for all models of the same, as we saw in the Nokia Lumia 710.
  • HTC Windows Phone: hold down both volume buttons (both), press the switch, we drop to feel the vibration (keeping both volume) and proceed to erase and reformat the phone, following the instructions that will show us the screen.
  • Nokia Lumia Windows Phone: The process is similar to the previous one, since we perform a combination of buttons. Press the buttons "volume down + power + camera" until it vibrates three times. We release the power button (holding down the other two) and wait for the phone vibrates 5 times. Then the Nokia Lumia will begin proceeding to deletion of all what we have in the Windows Phone.
  • Samsung Mobile Windows Phone: we press the buttons "Volume Down + Power + Camera" (as in Nokia Lumia). When the phone vibrates, release the of power (keeping the other two) and waited for the screen to show us the instructions to erase and format.

But that's not all, because there is a third way to erase everything we have in our Windows Phone, with special if we had the misfortune to lose the phone or we stolen. To do this, we can format it remotely from our own Windows Phone, must proceed as follows:

Access the page "Find My Phone" from this link.
We log into the account (if we were not already logged).
Click on the link that says "Delete".
We will skip a window where we mark the options and click on "Delete". Will proceed to the remote formatted Windows Phone, erasing everything we had into it.
We hope that with this have all enough to erase and format your Windows Phone. Whether it is to sell the phone as to assure that your data is not discovered to loss or theft, all these steps can be a great help for any problem you may have with your smartphone.

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