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Solution to Error 919 Play Store to download applications

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Error 919 is rather arbitrary and there is no official info on what causes it. And it is wrong is happening quite often. I did a big search on every forum in English and Castilian and no consensus on a technical solution.

In one of the comments I have been informed that the error 919 occurs in some countries (such as Colombia, for example) because the data plans will end just for this download, so you just need to carry a card, buy a plan data and theoretically it disappears Error 919. If anyone can confirm, it will be great.

If this does not work them what they recommend on specialized sites is a mixture of the solutions to other errors:

  1. Always try to use WIFI for downloads, no 3G, no 4G. And if WIFI get errors, try elsewhere, with another WIFI connection; a bar, a square, the house of a friend / relative / partner / neighbor ...
  2. Check Settings, Storage, that free space is AT LEAST TWICE what weighs the application you want to download both internal memory and external, because the management of free space on Android does not always work as you'd think. Read a little above these paragraphs, the solution to 491 Açıklama: :)
  3. At another site recommend checking the router configuration through which you access the Wi-Fi, and if it is ours and we know how to do this, open a firewall exception for UDP port 123. I doubt come on this side the question, since the most home routers bring the firewall deactivated by default, so there should be no restrictions. But if they can review it.
  4. Others recommend going to Applications, and opening one by one, Downloads, Google Play Store and called Google Services Framework (or Google Services Platform), and in the 3 cases play " Force Stop "," Erase Data "and the button that presents us if escroleamos down to" Empty Cache ".Doing it in all three applications, and immediately after power cycle the device. After turning it on again, now try the download. If that was not resolved, recommend repeat the process but before you restart your computer, go to Settings, Accounts, and delete our Google account settings. After turning on the computer, we must reshape our Google account before attempting downloads.
  5. Another method that I found in the Android Central forum is to check first that we are admitted as users on which in 2013 was updated and renamed Hangouts Talk application. Then go to Settings, Applications, All, and open the Google Play Store, erase data, empty cache and uninstall updates. Out of that and will now implementing Google Account Manager (Account Manager Google), and delete data cache emptied but also touch Force Stop. We turn off the computer, we removed the battery and let off five minutes. Then put the battery back, turn on and go to the Talk application (or Hangouts, according to version have) and found that we are still admitted as users. And now try to make a download, many ran them, especially with teams and Samsung Galaxy Nexus.
  6. AND ONLY IF THE ABOVE DOES NOT STEP also recommend making a factory reset (Settings, Privacy, Factory Reset, or return values ​​factory-, leaving the VA-CÍ-O phone as newly purchased, so first make backup all your photos and content because the factory reset) ... They also know that a factory reset "of date" all the applications that came from the factory, and uninstalls all that you have installed. So the first thing to do after a factory reset is reconfigured Google account, enable backups, go to the Play Store and first downloaded all available updates, beginning with those that have to Google applications come preinstalled .
  7. Others say that this error occurs only on devices that have been flashed with a different ROM's factory. And the solution would only by relocating the original ROM ...
  8. And as many 919 error attributed to the presence of a virus that hinders the functioning of the downloads, so recommend trying several antivirus to see if they detect something clean. Obviously, DO NOT USE ANTIVIRUS AT THE SAME TIME. Install one if the team allows, scanned, cleaned or not as if it detects something. Then uninstalled that. Test with another. To install applications when the downloads do not work, read the following section below for an example of how to install Facebook from an alternative store displays.

The issue is that these solutions still did not see that more than one would have been solved. You can try one or all, and except the factory reset, the others should not cause problems or data loss. But you know how it is, always make backups because the computer is not an exact science.

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