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Error 919 of the Play Store to download applications and  ı want to know does factory reset solve error 919? and play store work by wifi but show error 919 when download apps by Mobile data

how to remove 919 error from google play

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Universal Solution Errors Play Store
We started with the universal solution to errors Play Store, which is easy to do, just from your device must go to Settings or Preferences - Application - All tab, want and select Google Play Store and delete the data and cache, restart your device and run back to Play Store, write your data access Google account and you will have solved many errors in one step.


But if the error comes from another application, the best you can do is go to the same above (Settings - Applications / Manager Apps - All tab), you want the app that is giving you problems and delete your cache and data, if the App resubmit still have problems, you have one last step to do, and this is:


1. Go to menu>settings
2. Go to Application and then press manage application.
3. Now select google play.
4. Then you have to click on clear cache.
5. After that come to the home screen.
6. Go to download manager.
7. Select clear data.
8. Once you clear the data the problem will resolved.

error 919 installing app

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what is error 919 on a tablet?
I am getting this error on my tablet
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The error 919 is rather arbitrary and there is no official info on what causes it . And it is an error that is happening quite often . I did a big search on all forums in English and Castilian and not many advances.
What Recommend on specialized sites is a mixture of the solutions to other errors:
Always try to use WIFI for downloads , no 3G, no 4G. And if you get errors with WIFI , try elsewhere, with other connection WIFI ; a bar, a square, the house of a friend / relative / partner / neighbor ...
Check Settings , Storage, the free space is at least twice the weight of what application you want to download , both internal and external memory , because the management of free space on Android does not always work as one would think . Read a little above these paragraphs, the solution to 491 :)
Elsewhere recommend checking the router settings through which you access the WIFI, and if it is ours and we know how to do , open a firewall exception for UDP port 123 . I doubt that comes from this side issue , as most home routers bring the factory firewall disabled , so there should be restrictions. But if they can review it.
Others recommend go to Applications , and opening one by one, Downloads , Play Store and Google called Google Services Framework (or Google Services Platform ) , and in all 3 cases touching "Force Stop ", " Clear Data " and the button if escroleamos presents down to" Empty Cache " . Do this on all three applications , and then immediately turn off and on the computer. Then turn it on again, now try the download. If that was not resolved , recommend repeating the process but before you restart the computer , go to Settings, Accounts , and delete our Google account settings . After turning on the computer , we must reshape our Google account before attempting to download .
Another method I found in the Android Central forum, is to check first that we as users logged in , which was updated in 2013 and renamed Hangouts Talk application . Then go to Settings , Applications, All and open the Google Play Store, erase data , empty cache and uninstall updates . Out of that and we now implementing Google Account Manager ( Account Manager Google ) , and delete data , cache emptied but also played Detention Force . We turn off the computer, we removed the battery and leave it off 5 minutes. Then put the battery back , turn on and go to the Talk application (or Hangouts , depending on version have ) and see that we are still admitted as members. And now try to do a download, many work for them , especially with teams and Samsung Galaxy Nexus .
AND ONLY IF THE ABOVE DOES NOT STEP also recommend making a factory reset (Settings , Privacy , Factory Reset or re - factory - values ​​, leaving the phone as newly purchased , VA- CÍ -O , so first make backup of all your photos and files because the factory reset BO- RRA -TO -DO) ... they also know that a factory reset " desactualiza " all the applications that came from the factory, and uninstall all that you have installed. So the first thing to do after a factory reset is to reconfigure the Google account , enable backups, go to the Play Store and downloaded all available updates first , starting with the applications that have come preinstalled Google .
Others say that this error occurs only on devices that have been flashed with a different ROM to factory . And the only solution would be to put back the original ROM ...
And as many 919 error attributed to the presence of a virus which hampers the functioning of the downloads , so recommend trying several antivirus to see if they detect something clean . Obviously , DO NOT USE THE SAME TIME TWO ANTIVIRUS . Install one if your computer allows, scanned, cleaned or not as if it detects something. Then uninstalled that . Tested with another . Top 5 recommended antivirus for Android are these . To install applications when downloads do not work, read the following section below for an example of how to install Facebook from an alternative store displays .
The issue is that with these solutions , yet saw more than one has been able to solve it . You can try one or all , and except for the factory reset , the other should not cause problems or data loss. But you know how it is, always make backups because the computer is not an exact science. ;)
error 919 google play
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why do i have to download 919
android error 919
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Nothing download even when things seem to go well. 
Just does not indicate that there is insufficient space on Android, so delete apps, music, videos, or any information for extra space.
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Clear Cache to solve or fix error 919 in Play Store installation:

All you have to do is clear Google Play store cache and data which will solve the problem for sure and you will not see error 919 again while installing or updating any application.

  1. Tap on Settings icon
  2. Then tap on Applications and then tap on All
  3. Now search for Google play store application from the list and Tap on it
  4. The Play Store application will open where you can find two buttons Clear Cache and Clear Data, you have to tap on both of then one after the other to clear the cache and data.
  5. Now go back to applications and then tap on Download manager and Clear the data in that.
  6. Now go back to Home screen and then launch Play Store and try to install the application which will be installed successfully now.
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Solution 1. On your smartphone is full. Get rid of extra music, video and three-dimensional applications.
Solution 2: Change the settings for APN.
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