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I cannot install any application to my android device, it gives me  insufficient space error instantly. How can I fix error

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it occurs because old phones has low capaicty applications leave temprorary files, the only thin you need to do is that it is very easy

  1. dial *#9900#
  2. click delete dumpstate/logcat for samsung phones

I dont know how to solve for LG, HTC, Nexus and tablets..

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1. Restart the device

This may sound ridiculous, but often solves many problems, including having insufficient storage space available. If you have already released the device space and still receive this error, first thing to do is turn off the phone and turn it back.
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2. Clear the cache of all downloaded applications

To clear the cache of all Android applications, go to Settings> Storage> Data caching.

You can also go by clearing the cache for each application. For this go to Settings> Applications. There touching each application and use the Clear Cache button.

This procedure is safe to perform and does not delete the application data.

3. Manually delete the installation files that prevent

It is possible that in the device memory that a file has been preventing the installation of an application or game. These remnants of the application sometimes left in the internal memory within the Android / obb directory. This directory is entered with any file explorer and removed from there only .obb file with the name of the application or game you are trying to install and you can not (do not touch any other files that can be .obb) .


Sometimes they are remains in the root directory of the device, particularly in the / data / app. This may have been one .ODEX file related to the application can not be installed. We will have to eliminate this .ODEX file to fix the problem. To access the directory / data / app will be necessary to use an advanced file manager like ES File Explorer or Root Explorer, both available free on Google Play.

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