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Troubleshooting "Unfortunately Google Play Store has stopped working"

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Something that must always be available to implement these solutions is WIFI. Or at least 4G. For download applications using the data network is not secure, you cut, you reach the limit of monthly data, etc. If you have 4G at least he has the speed, but ideally would have to use WIFI to be sure that the download is faster and does not have bad sign cutting.

I only ask that you carefully read the recommended steps and leave your comments at the end of the article, either if they helped solve the problem to let others know that it works, and if you did them, to see if I can lend a hand .


If the error that leaves you a message that "Unfortunately Google Play Store has stopped working"... may be because the application that manages the downloads are suspended or disabled, and this is solved by going to Settings >Application Manager > All , and in that long list should look and touch the application "Downloads" shown with the green icon Android . In there must verify that it is not disabled, ie, playing the "Enable" button if present, then "Force Stop" switch off, then on again, and now, it should work fine.

Help me for my phone cannot process the play store
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play store app downlod problem
in the applications section, where you tell me you just figure the option to "delete data", if you do not include the Uninstall should get out something like "Remove Updates". If you can not uninstall completely, you can at least remove the updates and thus will remain as wine factory. With that power you would have to open the application, update and move forward.
How should I get application for play store
if you have followed the instructions, and you are therefore in information for the Google Play Store app so you can go ... deletes the data. you have nothing to fear.
it's as if you reinstall application (and only this application).
If it still works, I'm afraid he does do a factory reset to reset .. so all the phone.
it will therefore make a backup of contacts, photo, sms, etc ....
To answer you I had the exact same problem with my Galaxy S3 Mini after an update.
You must go to <Settings -> Application Manager -> (Press wholes down menus on the left of the phone) -> Reset Settings -> Reset applications. And when that's done, restart your phone.
For my part has its function
I hope this will help you and has other.!
my tablet Samsung GT6200  market is not working, please tell what can i do (faisal)
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Follow these steps: Settings> Applications> Manage applications> Give all (above)> search Google Play Store> Force stop, delete data, Uninstall updates. You will return to the old market but will be updated in a while and just work again (Ni back to the factory defaults solved, and so yeah ....) Anyway, things of technologies.
A greeting and I hope it will help
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SOLUTION 1, empty the cache OF GOOGLE PLAY

Sometimes with only empty the cache of the Google Play Store application is sufficient.
The cache stores temporary data that can then be retrieved quickly without having to load them (similar to the operation of websites) again.
To empty only you have to open the 'Settings' click on 'Applications' and find the application of Google Play Store.
Clicking on it will see several options, including emptying the cache.
This step could solve many cases of errors.

SOLUTION 2, delete data from GOOGLE PLAY

Solution 1 If you have not worked for you, you can try deleting data from Google Play Store.
To get there follow the same steps to flush the cache but instead of empty cache data need to press delete.


With this solution is to return to Google Play Store to update its beginnings no more.
To get there follow the same steps as the previous solutions and we click Uninstall updates.
This solution helps a lot to common problems.


If you still does not work or error messages presented then we trying to do the same trick but clearing the cache in the Google Play services.
Access to the option you have it following the same steps, but instead of selecting Google Play select and click Google services.

SOLUTION 5, REACTIVATE download manager

Sometimes you may have forgotten or mistakenly disabled the Download Manager, if you deactivate Google Play not function.
To recover see a 'Settings' then 'Applications' and find the administrator.
Click and then click on Enable, however, if the button only gives you the option to 'disable' Do not worry, this means that the Download Manager is active.


Another solution would be to delete your account and re-register.
We must go to 'Accounts & sync', select the Google option and select our own.
Press the menu button and select 'remove or delete account', then confirm your selection and restart your device.
Once on you and restore your Google account.
Go to 'Settings' 'Account' 'Add account' 'Google' and introduce your data again.

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Solution 1 – Set Correct Date and Time.

Solution 2 – Restart your Android Device.

Solution 3 – Clear Cache and Data of Google Play Store.

Solution 4 – Re-add your Google Account.

If still the error persists, perform factory Reset on your android phone.
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Error "The Play Store has stopped"

"The Play Store has stopped" is one of the most errors found on Android devices. The problem may be caused due to various reasons so you may have to try several of these solutions until the error stays fixed.

Possible causes of error:

  • Apps partially installed: something went wrong in the middle of an installation
  • / Mnt / sdcard is full
  • App corrupt data
  • corrupt binary

First Fix: Deletes apps and frees up space

If you have too many apps installed on your device, your storage could be filled and that would cause the app from the Play Store to stop working, or result in not being able to download more apps. To fix this problem try clearing some apps and data to free up space.

Second Fix: Disable the Play Store, and clean the data and cache.

This is the most common arrangement for error "The Play Store has stopped."

  • Enter the settings of your device.
  • Search for "Apps / Applications" in the setup menu and click there.
  • Slide the apps page from right to left to view the list of "all apps" present on your device.
  • Now look at the "Google Play Store" and click list.
  • On the page "Information app" click on "clear cache" button and then "force stop" and "off". If you see an option to "uninstall", let it uninstall and then restart the app. Reboot your device and see if the error has disappeared.
  • If the problem persists, open "Settings> Apps> All> Google Play Store again and click on" clear data ". Restart your phone and try again.

Third arrangement: Reset your Google Account

Are you still seeing the error "The Play Store has stopped"? For it is a thing to try.

  • Open Settings> Accounts and Sync> Google.
  • Click your Google account.
  • Now click on the icon of the three points at the top of the screen (on Samsung devices, click the menu button) and select the "delete account" option.
  • Now reruns the Google Play Store app.
  • Log in with your Google account.
  • Fixed up!

Fourth fix: Reinstall Google Play services

Sometimes the error "The Play Store has stopped" is caused because binary Google Play services are corrupt. You can easily fix that problem when cleaning data from the app from Settings> Apps> Google Play Services or simply reinstalling the app.

Fifth Fix: Flashing the apps by Google

If you are using a CM, AOSP, AOKP, UFO, Slim or any other custom ROM on your Smartphone or tablet and you are receiving the error "The Play Store has stopped", you should look for the last zip flasheable gapps (Google apps) based on Android version of your ROM.

We recommend that you install the recommended or provided by the developer gapps your ROM package. Having downloaded the package with the Google apps zip right, just falséalo / install using CWM / TWRP / philz recovery, and restart your device

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