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Lately my phone started to say "com.google.process.gapps" error. is there any way to fix it?


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Ok, one of the most uncomfortable errors that may occur in the Android device is the message .... com.google.process.gapps has stopped the process, along with two options, OK or Report. This malfunction prevents not only navigate through menus, but even write, so if you choose Inform, irregularity'll report to Google, do not finish writing when the message is repeated ... "com.google has stopped the process ... . "and give OK, the window disappears, but a few seconds appears that annoying, but also ... the device will be completely inoperable.

Some users will agree that this is the same situation happened with the error ... "He stopped the Play Store application" where appeared the same two options with the same results.

Those who have had a similar error on your device or have been aware of this, know that there is light at the end of the problem, but in reality is a situation that more than a novice with Android, I mean a big concern.

If anything it's clear this error, you have not discovered what it produces, but if you have an effective, although sometimes ... that annoying continues out on the screen and is working correctly. Some technicians claim that this error is emitted from the App manager when any of them directly suffers a failure, so at any time for any application, regardless of equipment, this error can occur.

[SOLVED] The procedure to solve ... has stopped com.google.process.gapps process is:

  • Enter Phone Settings
  • Access Applications
  • Enter "All ...." To see what the app is installed and running
  • At the end you find "Download Manager" or "Downloads" and will be deactivated
  • Then to "Enable" in the selected App
  • This solution error "has stopped com.google.process.gapps process" not only allowed to make up the game, but allow new downloads.
in truth my detention cell suffers com.google.process.gapps process and leaves me nothing to work and not let me enter settings that happens you could do would appreciate it very much
I do not work because the message comes out (this or other applications) immediately after giving OK, so I can not do anything with your mobile. I can not open any panel or any application. Release the mobile phone today, I do not understand ...
Simplified steps

1) Delete google account. Settings - Accounts - Login to google and put remove
2) Go to Settings - Application Manager - Everything, down to the end and find the application "Downloads", press on the application and "Enable"
3) Restart the phone normally
4) Set Google Account again
5) Enjoy your Cell !!
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why cann't i used play shop?
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