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  • ERROR IN GOOGLE PLAY - Not enough storage space available  
  • Why does Google Play says no space available
  • Google Play not enough space error

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Go to settings apps running and try to stop as many as you can. Also go to settings storage and click on cached data and OK. /worked for me :) (Motorola)

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A while now you may have stumbled upon a problem in the automatic updates of your Android terminal: a message that says << No >> storage space available, even if you have free megs or gigs of spare ...


This small, annoying bug comes standard since the last update of Google Play, the official download store applications for Android devices certified by Google (I say this because there is a lot of junk out there that does not support Google Play).


The truth is, waiting for a new patch that fixes the problem (and take a couple since they started and we are still problems), we have three simple solutions:


1.-The easiest and incredible, restart the computer.




Just as it sounds, reboot your computer, and many of the updates are magically installed.


2.-If you keep reading is because it is now when you say:


- It has not worked for me, you took my hair!


To which the following answer: enters the Google icon Play and manually updates one by one the applications.


- Come on now!


Just do it and if it works for you either had to step 3.

3. Mnnnnn go, the problem persists. Surely if we go to the user manual of Google Play we say something like: << Make sure you have cleared the cache and data from the Google Play Store and the download manager >>.

At this point I invite you to not follow Google's advice and get off a simple program called Easy Cache Cleaner: Free and effective.


Google Play Store


Once emptied the cache and try again this time so: can.


And what this problem is? For there are two simple answers: you have lots turd Pou installed that takes over your RAM without you realize it or not you have physical space really, making this whole article left over you and you needed was a simple cleaning of the equipment, - )




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Dial *#9900# and delete dump


solution to play music not enough space

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First you have to see how much free memory you have left.

It is not important that you have been "something" that space can not be used because the sustema reserved for other functions, such as the browser cache, and more.

If you say that the space available to crew is finished, it is, so you have to uninstall anything if you want to install another, or make additional space by moving the entire movable.
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