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Why am I getting Package File is Invalid error on my Android phone? How can I get rid of this problem? Can you help me?

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Maybe in the past few days you've encountered a strange problem when trying to update or download an application from the store Play Store. You're not alone. The error message "Package file is invalid" being so common that Google has taken action on the matter and we are looking for a solution. 


An updated version of Google Play application deployment on smartphones began a few days ago and apparently has been accompanied by a surprise transformed into error. This error can occur randomly and independently of the application you are trying to update or download. It may also happen that the mistake in the morning, for example displayed, but if we try to download the application at night all work perfectly. In short, it is impossible for a user to find out the cause and it is clear that the problem may occur even if the package file is completely valid. From Mountain View have indicated that it has opened an investigation to determine the cause of the error and is likely to have to repair some damaged in store Play Store data. To let users know the details on the progress in finding the solution has created a page on the support section: [# 10230007] "Package File Invalid" error when downloading or updating apps Summarizing, we can say that at this time:

The error "invalid package file" occurs randomly.

At the moment there is no definitive solution. As we await the resolution of Google, the only option is to try to update / download application is needed until "magically" error does not occur.

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