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How to solve Google Play Store : "Authentication is Required" error? is there any idea?

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1. Simply remove the Google account

The first trick is to enter the configuration and do the math and simply delete the Google account you have registered (which is putting authentication '' required '' message) .Once you've done that you can re-add the account and you should be fine if it is a simple matter of logging (which sometimes occurs when the Play Store is updated) However, you may need to do this step in relation to the second step below .

2. Delete data from the Google Play Store

For this step you just have to enter setup and then Applications and Google.Toque Play find the store and erase data from the application (you can also clear the cache first and test the new Play Store, but the data cleansing the cache will be deleted as well) .If the previous step did not resolve your problem, simply remove your Google account, delete data from Google Play Store, and then add the account Google.TambiƩn can add reboots between each step This process, if it makes you feel warm and fuzzy.

3. Uninstall updates Play Store

Perhaps the problem is not their credentials, but the Play Store.Si this happens, you can simply go to the Play Store in the configuration and the applications and '' remove updates ''. This will take you back to the original version installed on your device Store.Entonces Play, all you have to do is install the latest version of the Google Play Store and sign once more. You can, of course, mix these steps until a little too if you still have problems: delete the account from Google, rebooting, uninstalling updates, install new Play Store, reboot, add the account, etc.
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If the playstore of Google is giving you the error message: authentication is required. You must log in to your google account. And do you prune access view installed applications or add others, we show a solution of the simplest.

  1. Restart the computer, if you read well, for 80% of the problems that sometimes you can not find explanation to the technological equipment restart is a highly recommended solution usually is usually effective, never happened with android, but there's always a first time. Once we rebooted we can use playstore again.
  2.  Sometimes it may be necessary to clean the cache of the application, so we're going to Settings> More> Applications> All> playstore and remove the cache.
  3. Failure to operate these two brief explanations, try to access the web mail account.
  4. It is sometimes necessary to remove the gmail account team, let Settings> Accounts google account and remove the cache Google Play as seen in section 2, there is now need to reload mail account.
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That computing is not an exact science is not something that you're going to find here, so often our computers, our tablets or our smartphones, suddenly seems to go crazy and we have a problem that we find difficult to to understand. That happens more often than you think with the Google application store, a lot of people, and for no apparent reason, denied access to the appearance of a message saying "authentication is required. You have to access your Google account. " Unfortunately we can not tell you how toavoid it , but if propose three possible solutions . Therefore we show this simple tutorial to avoid the error store Google "Google Play requires authentication".

Avoid the error store Google "Google Play requires authentication"

Chances are that your Google simply has gone crazy, so we will restart several parameters . The first thing we are going to try and s erase data from our Google Play Store app . For that we open the Main Menu , and paragraph settings we accessapplications . We look for the app Google Play Store and open. Then we click on the button Delete Data . Once this is done, we reboot your terminal.

Avoid the error store Google "Google Play requires authentication"

If not, the second thing is going to try to uninstall updates . If you have enabled automatic updates, it may be that the latest version of Google Play does not get along with your terminal. To do this, we repeat the same steps as with the previous solution, but in the end, instead of Delete Data, we will click on the button Uninstall Updates .Again we reboot your smartphone or tablet.

Avoid the error store Google "Google Play requires authentication"

It is also likely to be of a simple error log . In this case it is sufficient to restart our Google Play account , for which first remove and then we'll reactivate. For that we open the section Settings in the Main Menu , and paragraph of Auditors seek Google and we click. Here we see our Google account. We click on it and it will open a section with different timings. Here, we open the drop - down menu and click on Delete account .Restart the phone and re-add our Google account.

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