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how to fix google play store error 924

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Go to Settings> Applications on the device.
All selected applications.
Select the Google Play Store app, and then tap Clear data and Clear cache.
Select Download Manager and tap Clear data and Clear cache.
Not sufficient and clearing data may cause you to lose your photos etc!
They could help me with a clearer explanation of the "Error Code: 924"?
Apparently this error when trying to download very heavy applications so it is possible you run out of space on your phone. What you can try is to clear the cache of all the applications you already have installed in order to free memory space.
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This error occurs when downloadinh or updating applications on the Play Store.
The solution is to delete the data from your Google Play Store app. See you again in the settings of your device.
Select the "Applications" menu, or "Application Manager"
See you in the column "All"
 tab "Play Store"
Press "Clear Data"

Press "Clear Cache"

if still have this problem
Do the same for the "Framework Google services" tab (this allows Google to assign a new ID for your device as if you reset it).
Then delete your Google account from the device, restart your phone and re-add your account in Settings> Accounts> Add account> Google
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You can easily fix it by clearing the Google Play Store and Google Services Framework from the configuration. To do this, go into settings and browse Apps> All Apps> Google Play Store> Clear data. Now, delete the data from Google Services Framework as well. This will assign a new ID from Google to your device, so your apps can act a little weird at first, but will not be a permanent problem.
Once you've cleaned the data, delete your Google account from your device and reboot. The link to your Google account is in Settings> Accounts> Add account> Google. Now you can download or update apps from the Google Play Store without problems.
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Some time ago I wrote several article about the most frequent errors of Google Play, but has recently reported another level server (924) that is the equivalent of one of those system messages that occasionally occurs in Android devices. I think as editor I have been very lucky because I have not had to live this uncomfortable problem so far, but that is no excuse for ignoring the plight of those readers who are suffering from this cause.

method 1

  • "Settings"> "Apps"> "Google Play Store"> "Clear Data"
  • Access to the "Settings"> "Apps" and from here scroll down in the app until you reach Google Play services, deleted data (tapping on "Manage space"> "Erase all data") after which Click "Force stop". Do the same with Google Play Store, and finally delete the browser cache.

method 2

  • Go to the setup menu,
  • Click on the General tab,
  • Go to the option "Accounts & sync"
  • Select Google account used for the application store (GooglePlay Store),
  • Choose sync now. If that does not work, it is necessary to remove the account and return to append those.
  • Open Google Play and try to upgrade or install the application in question was presenting the problem.
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