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How tp prevent Facebook post bad memories on the wall

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The guys at Facebook are great because they always find a way to surprise us , although sometimes not for good. Do you know the memories of Facebook? If you're reading this, you will surely interested to know how to prevent bad memories Facebook post on the wall , so that nothing appears not want.We can do this simply:

Preventing Facebook post bad memories on the wall

Facebook is very fond memories posting on our wall, but do not realize you could be posting something painful for us as itcan be an ex - partner or something much worse. The good thing, as far as it goes , is that we can control it somehow , so in this article we will see how to prevent bad memories Facebook post on the wall.

facebook publish prevent memories


And do not forget that not long ago appeared a new feature in the social network " On This Day " (or whatever it is, a day like today).


What makes Facebook before it is published on the wall a photo that was published from one to eight years ago , which is good for some and bad for another because we could see something that caused us a lot of damage to a being who no longer is with us, a friend with whom we no longer speak or former partner with whom things ended really badly.

What is clear is that not all of these photos that Facebook post will bring us bad memories, even recently to me showed me a football game a year ago, which reminded me of wonderful moments and even I was glad seeing her.

Will Facebook detects happy moments and share them years later? Although eye, because a happy image of a year ago now could be an unpleasant image.

How do I disable this feature?

What we have to do is grab your computer and open Facebook (because by now does not work from mobile), the following will write in the search " On This Day "> Preferences. We see it in the next image in the most graphic way possible:

Preventing Facebook post bad memories on the wall

Through these preferences esta One day, we can prevent Facebook remember events with certain people or dates . We also have the option Notifications next to preferences, to choose whether we want to be notified about it or turn themoff completely.

Certainly a good initiative so choose what we want toremember or what not. Although this does not preclude have to go through the bad shot to indicate the name of that person you do not want to know anything, but it's something.

If we do this, we can block memories. Do you think it is good or bad? You already know how to prevent bad memories Facebook post on the wall? Tell us what you think about it 

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