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How to disable a day like today in Facebook?

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They say that the past is past but the truth is that memories hurt. Sometimes Facebook shows, thanks to the function a day like today, memories on our wall which we do not want toknow anything, hurt us or simply do not want to see them.Not long ago we explained how to prevent Facebook show bad memories on our wall but that the function was experimental and could not be controlled so well how today.

A while ago he said that Facebook had become an agenda and the truth is that so many things to remember in the end will be that can work in this way but for now further from help than harm me in the professional field ( the amount of time lost sometimes in this network, nothing else).

Disable a day like today in Facebook Android

How to disable a day like today in Facebook from Android?


Yes, this function showing a memory of a previous day can be disabled in Facebook from Android easily and the truth is that the solution is at your fingertips, it is very simple.


  • Enter your profile Facebook.
  • Go to Settings (the icon of the three bars on the right of the notifications).
  • Scroll down to find, in paragraph Applications, a day like today .
  • Enter this function and click the Settings (gear right there on top).
  • You will leave two options, Notifications and Preferences .
  • In paragraph Notifications You can disable notifications as you see in the picture and then close.
  • In paragraph Preferences you can choose who will not receive notifications (it is a good way for Facebook help you forget your ex ) and even set dates that either want toget memories (a day that is no longer for you important and before it was, for example).

If you've turned off notifications you'll never get this kind of memories on your Facebook wall although depending on the day, maybe Facebook will continue remembering some things but it will eliminate most memories.

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