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Facebook notifies you if the government is spying you

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The guys at Facebook have issued a statement, which make itclear that  our privacy is worth gold . And it seems that from now  Facebook will warn you if you spy the government , or rather, from the social network notify you if they think your our account has been watched by someone linked to theState. Are you as surprised as us? Keep reading:

Facebook will warn you if you spy the government

Do you have the government behind you? Facebook could save you and no, it's not a joke that we have invented us. The guys in the social network are working more seriously than ever to protect our accounts , and what better way to earn your trust by notifying suspicious activities against us.

Facebook will warn you if you spy the government


In this case, if the attack has something to do with the government, it seems that we will also be alerted, although we can not deny that itself has surprised us a little way it has been reported already that reference. The reason is becausethese attacks are usually more dangerous , so the advice we are given is to  ensure the maximum we can on our own .


If you receive the above message, it is best to be careful in every way, both the information you share and the security of your account. Likewise, also we would be notified in the event that an attacker wanted to infect us with malware so watch usmore closely, so we could take prompt action against all this.

Facebook seeks to avoid attacks

The important thing is to know that Facebook is on our side, helping us, and if we want to hurt, mismamente the Government, the social network would be responsible at least inform us so that later we take the right decision, but having a basis firm that actually we are spying itself .

With these caveats, they are expected to protect users and also make it clear that they will be working much in this type of systems and detect and prevent attacks of all kinds against Facebook users.

What do you think of these notifications? We leave then the statement of Facebook, if you have your doubts.

More information | Facebook

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