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You forgot the password of a RAR archive and you do not know how to find it? In this tutorial I will show you some quick and easy techniques that will help you recover the password of a RAR or ZIParchive.

Before you begin, you should know that the password can be found in the comments of your WinRAR file, especially if it is downloaded from the internet.

To check this, open your archive by double clicking the left mouse button.



word pass winrar

Read the reviews, if you find a link, open it and look at the page, you need to find the password.Otherwise, try to crack the password for the archive with specialized software.

How's the password cracking?

There is a bunch of articles and videos on the Internet that explain how to find a Winrar password. What has always bothered in the content of these articles is lying.

Indeed, in many cases, the authors simply say for example "This is a 100% effective technique to find the password of your RAR archive" without saying that these methods prove ineffective if the password for the archive is complex.

In this part, I will mainly explain how the password cracking  to understand that there is not really a 100% effective technique to crack the password of a RAR file

You should know that all password cracking software uses in principle two methods:

  • The attack by Bruteforce: it  is to test all possible combinations of uppercase, lowercase letters, numbers and special characters.
  • The dictionary attack:  It is to  use a dictionary word, that is to say a file that contains many words. Indeed, most of the time users choose passwords with real meaning. (Love, 0000, QWERTY, password, dog's name, quotes, names of movies, etc ...).


So  to successfully crack a password, three factors are taken into account.

  • Your computer power calculation
  • The complexity of the password
  • The words containing the dictionary of the software used

So if the password you are looking for is more than 7 or 8 characters in length and contains special characters and numbers ... it may be impossible to break with your personal computer.

What you should remember is that the methods found on the Internet can be ineffective if the mixture of uppercase password, lowercase, numbers, punctuation marks and special characters.

3 tools to crack the password WinRAR

To try to find the password of a RAR or ZIP archive, I will present three powerful and easy to use tools.

1) RAR Password Cracker

RAR Password Cracker uses bruteforce dictionary attack, he tests all types of characters: uppercase, lowercase, numbers, special characters ...

To use it, simply download the tool  and add a file or RAR RAR-SFX want to decrypt in the software interface.


Then you have to choose the type of decoding is "dictionary attack" or "brute force attack". It is best to use the brute force attack.

Finally, add the minimum and maximum length of the password set. Save the project and click Finish.


2) Advanced ZIP Password Recovery 

This is software that allows you to recover passwords protecting access to archive files in ZIP format. This program is the most comprehensive to achieve this type of operation. It uses 4 method: brute force, dictionary, mask (When you know a few letters of the password) and plain text (password search from a file contained in the archive).

The utility runs on Windows and it can be downloaded here.

To find the password for the archive with this tool, simply click on Open to open the protected archive.

Select the WinRAR archive and click Open. Select the type of attack, add the minimum and maximum length of the defined password and click Start to begin the scan ...


Wait a while, you will gradually increase as the software lead in the procedure. 
If the software finds the password, it will be clearly displayed. It will do more than you enter into the protected archive.

3) RAR Password Unlocker

RAR Password Unlocker is a fast and convenient software that also allows to recover lost passwords for archives created with WinRAR software.

To find the password of a winrar archive, simply run the program, then choose the type of attack and click on the scan button. Once the software has recovered the password, a dialog box indicate this.


The advantage of this software is that it offers the ability to pause and resume the process at any time by automatically backup option.

Finally, I share with you  a password to start the collection dictionary attack. This list of 1,493,677,780 passes word is a huge compilation of all word lists, dictionaries and passwords contained in databases pirated recent years.

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