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how to override a iphone 4s passcode that is not updated my phone was rained on and letft out side lastyear and found out it works .... idk my passcodelol

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The process is as follows:
Step 1: When the phone is locked on PIN should go to the emergency call screen, and then press the power button until you leave the option to confirm or cancel the shutdown.
Step 2: the shutdown process is canceled and returns to the emergency call screen. There will be seen as something went wrong because the message bar that is when the terminal is unlocked at the top appears.
Step 3: Make an emergency call and hang up quickly.
Step 4: Return to the terminal block by pressing the on / off button once.
Step 5: Switch on the screen by pressing the action button and go to the screen for entering the PIN code.
Step 6: Press the ON / OFF for 3 seconds.
Step 7: Before you leave the screen to confirm or cancel the shutdown process to the emergency call button.
If you synchronize well steps 6 and 7 conseguiras instead of the emergency call screen before you open the contacts screen and make calls, where you can access photos, contacts, and so on.
Skip passcode lock screen
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