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Hello, I wonder if there is an option to see all contact phone and also my contact email from my iphone 4s because on occasion I see my complete list of contacts from my iphone 4s and other times when I give contact me numbers I see that I lack contacts, however is seen in all previous times, including my contact emails. thx.

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In the account that you have to mail in iphone in settings / mail .. there are tabs on your account email, contacts, calendars ... well look to have the contact activated
If you have setup your Icloud to sync , you can check contacts from Icloud.com from another device like tablet or pc.
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Thanks, I have just given me account to view the contacts that you have to be open email, albeit also phone numbers, ahy saw it all, but with the open in the iphone through email.
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Hello, I wonder if there is an option to see all my phone contacts iphone 5s, however ... I can see the contacts in the whatsapp) ...? Strange .... no?
It started a few days ago. What can it be? and as loo I fix it? Thank You !!!
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The phone can not see them? The name or number?
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Dress up when you want to call someone? Looking at the green phone icon ..... there, that contact is not ....... but ... if you're looking for on whatsapp contact if there perfect.
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You have the contacts synced with iCloud, gmail, Facebook, etc?
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