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How to convert Live Photos in animated GIFs. ?

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How to convert Live Photos in animated GIFs. Live Photos is a very interesting new feature that Apple introduced its iPhone 6S and 6S Plus models that capture the moments immediately before and after the photo you throw your camera application, resulting in a similar animation to a GIF. But unlike the typical GIF file, no Live Photo animation repeats over and over again; only played when you press and hold your finger on it. So to have ready for your Live Photo Internet to your followers on social networks, there are two easy ways to turn them into animated GIFs yes all the time to reproduce. Note that these methods also work if you take a Live Photo on older iOS device using the trick jailbreak "EnableLivePhotos".

Method 1: Use an application

The two applications that are currently compatible with the functionality of changing a Live Photo to GIF are Lively and Live GIF . Lively provides three free changes, and then asks for $ 1'99 for the complete application, and Live GIF costs 1'99 $ from the beginning.

Using Lively , select a Live Photo of the application displays your gallery, adjust the speed and transform it into GIF. It's that easy. Live GIF works pretty much the same, so applications either can serve our purpose.


Method 2: Using a Computer

Since a Live Photo is nothing but a combination of a JPEG file and a MOV file, the first thing you need is to locate and remove the MOV file. On a computer using Windows, go to the storage device and searches your DCIM folder. For the Mac, simply execute the Image Capture application. Localized the MOV file Live Photo you want, do not include a preview icon but is right next to the JPEG image. To make it easier both files should share creation date.

With the MOV file located, save it on the hard drive of your computer, and use an application or GIF conversion service to convert the file. It seems that the web service imgflip is what works best, but you have many options to use . Using imgflip simply upload the file, then adjust the length and size of your GIF and click the "generate GIF" button.

Once you've generated GIF, you can download to your computer and send it to your iPhone and post it wherever you want. Imgflip adds a watermark to your GIF, but you can delete a subscription 9'95 per month . Although it is a bit expensive, and I do not mind that there is a watermark.

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