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How to Transfer Contacts Android to iPhone and iPhone to Android?

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When we change device one of the most common things is the need to retain certain information and sensitive data, in most cases dudad of which is the most reliable method always arises and, of course, the fastest. One of the most relevant case is that of the contacts, something that nobody wants to lose the amount of information it contains (phone numbers, addresses, email accounts and much more), for this reason we bring you a guide to wire the contacts from the iPhone to an Android device and how to do it from an Android device to an iPhone.


Change Android to iPhone and vice versa Without Fear Losing Contacts

Normally, when you switch devices that belong to the same platform (iOS, Android, Windows Phone, etc) users often have no fear of losing information, especially contacts because each platform has its method to protect such data and synchronize with our new devices almost automatically require a few steps. However, switching to another platform device that sense of security, mainly through contacts, is not the same because the methods of backing up data from each of these platforms is not the same.

Despite this, it is possible to transfer contacts without having to worry about losing them. Below is a practical guide with which to continue the recovery process of contacts between iPhone and Android without losing information in the attempt.

How to Pass or Transfer Contacts from iPhone and iPad (iOS) Android

Incredibly, the use of the services of iCloud Apple can help us a lot when to transfer your contacts from an iPhone or iPad to an Android device. It is for this reason that before starting the transfer process will need to have enabled syncing contacts with iCloud service in our iOS device, so it'll just have to:

  • Open Settings .
  • We drove to  iCloud and walked off.
  • If not, activate the option Contacts .

Thus, our iPhone load all our contacts in iCloud. Once the synchronization we can access our contacts from any device to the official website of iCloud , using the same username and password you use with the iPhone and iPad, coming in section Contacts .

But to pass these contacts to our Android device simply have to:

  • Select all the contacts you want to transfer.
  • Then click on the Settings icon at the bottom left.
  • From the dropdown select Export vCard ...
  • Now you access the website where we can manage our contacts with Google, Google Contacts .
  • At the top click on More and then Import ... Also, in the left sidebar you can click directly on Import contacts ...
  • Select the file you downloaded from iCloud and expects to complete the import.

With this, we would add our contacts to Google allowing us to see them directly from the contacts on your Android device.

How to Pass the Contacts from Android to iPhone or iPad with iOS

Now if your case is that of users who move from one Android device to one with Apple's mobile operating system, iOS, the method can also do the opposite and even easier.

The first method would be to export your contacts from the Web site Google Contacts and then import the vCard file to iCloud website, for this we must:

  • Sign in Google Contacts.
  • The tabs More which is up click on Export.
  • When we have the file, open the iCloud website.
  • Click on the Settings icon at the bottom left.
  • Select Import vCard.

When the process is completed we can see our contacts synced with all of our iOS devices (iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and iPad mini).

An even easier way to import your address book from an Android device to an iPhone is shaping our gmail account on the iPhone and give permission to synchronize, apart mail, contacts and even calendars.

We do this by going to:

  • Settings  >  Mail, Contacts, calend.  >  Add account  >  Google .
  • We add our data (email and password).

Once the account is set activate the option Contacts  and thus automatically synchronize contacts from your Android device with the iPhone.


Do you have any questions or any TiP on her process to transfer contacts between iOS devices and Android? Please leave them in the comments.

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Using Google account (like Gmail, Google Play ) to help transfer contacts from android to iPhone. So make sure you have backed up your Android phone. Go to Settings on your Android phone and choose "Accounts and Sync" or similar. Enter your GMail account details and enable synchronisation. Your android phone contacts will synchronise Google Contacts .

Then go to your new iPhone. Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars and add your Gmail account. Then you can sync your Google contacts to iPhone.

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You can use Gmail or Outlook to transfer contacts from android to iphone .For Gmail, open your Gmail account on your computer and click Settings > Import>sync your android contacts.

For Outlook, open your email on your computer, then click File > Import and Export > sync android contacts.        

Your contacts are now backed up to the Gmail or Outlook account and ready to import into your iPhone.

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You mean transfer contacts between android and iphone, I know, many people now hold more than one mobile phones, so we really need to transfer data between different operation system. At this time, we need a transfer tool to help solve this.

How to Transfer Contacts between iPhone and Android Easily.

Select "Phone to Phone Transfer" mode and link your iPhone and Android phone to the computer at the same time. Then the program will detect your device and show them in the program's source and destination place respectively. If you find your iPhone and Android phone in the wrong position, you can click "Flip" button to change the device quickly.


Tick the option of "Contacts" option in the middle of the panel, and then you can click "Start Copy" button to begin the transferring process.

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I think it is not possible to transfer data between phones directly, they belongs to different operation system.

You can have a look at this guide, how to transfer contacts from android to iphone.

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Part One. Transfer Contacts from iPhone to Android

iPhone users are able to take advantage of iTunes to sync contacts to computer, and iPhone users are able to export the contacts to vCards and import the contacts to Android phone.

1. Click the iPhone icon at the upper left corner.
2. Click Info in the Summary panel.
3. Check Sync Contacts.
4. Choose Windows Contacts in the drop-down menu.
5. Choose All Contacts or selected groups.
6. Click Sync at the right bottom.
7. Click the Start button after exporting contacts.
8. Choose your username, and open Contacts folder.
9. Click Export at the upper right corner.
10. Choose VCF as output.
11. Click Export at the right bottom.
12. Choose a folder to save the contacts, and click OK.


Part Two. Transfer Contacts from Android to iPhone

You can use Move to iOS app to sync Android contacts to iPhone. Apple released a new Move to iOS app that wirelessly transfers users’ contacts, message history, camera photos and videos, web bookmarks, mail accounts, calendars, wallpaper, and DRM-free songs and books from Android phone to iPhone. But here are some limitations for your devices. For example, your iPhone have to be iPhone 5 or later, and iOS 9 or later. Besides, your android version have to be 4.0 or later. Moreover, the media files like music, movies and more won’t be transferred as well with Move to iOS app.

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If you want to transfer contacts from Android phone to iPhone, or transfer SMS from iPhone to Android phone. I think you should a smart mobile transfer tool is needed, for its effection. When you open the tool, just connect the Android phone and iPhone with computer, then select the SMS file to transfer quickly.
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