How to fix error 194

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asked Jul 25, 2015 in Android by anonymous

Hi, my phone says "error 194", how to fix Android 194 error, any suggestions?

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answered Jul 26, 2015 by anonymous

Hi everyone,

Thanks again to those of you that have captured bug reports. The team is aware of this issue and actively working to fix it. An additional piece of information that would be very helpful is to know where you all are located (as far as country) to help us better understand the scope.
I'll continue to check back with any updates as I get them.

commented Jul 26, 2015 by anonymous
I'm having the same issue on my Samsung Galaxy S4 phone.  Trying to install/reinstall a weather app I used several months ago & only getting error (194) message over & over.  Should I try the steps listed above with phone?   Please help.
commented Jul 26, 2015 by anonymous
I'm having the same issue with anything I try to install from Google Play, sometimes try 3-4 times before successful. (IF successful.) Will try clearing cache & data, hopefully that clears it up. Thanks for the help!  Kristi for Moto X in Mesa, AZ
commented Jul 29, 2015 by anonymous
Here is the solution

First of all remove all your google account from everywhere not only from account setting there are some other apps where you are using that account like Email app at your device, and then remove updates from google play store and clear all the data from it and then go for reboot.

It will definitely help you.
commented Jul 29, 2015 by Kristi (MotoX in Mesa)
I tried the steps from Anonymous and then 2 more times following George's, but still having same issue. Tried installing 4 different apps (not all at the same time), and was only able to get one actually installed. (2 of those apps were ones I did previously have on this same phone less than a week ago too.) I should clarify that I am not having the EXACT same issue, it did give me a different error code on one app. I don't remember off the top of my head, but I did take screenshots along the process so can check. Any other suggestions on this? I believe I followed the instructions correctly, but since problem still there maybe not. I did not down exact steps I took the last couple of attempts, if anyone is up to a challenge would be happy to provide. :) Thanks again
commented Jul 30, 2015 by administrator (9,170 points)
I am using data and not WiFi and it's still happens. I've been trying to download Twitter all day
commented Jul 31, 2015 by anonymous
I just deleated recent updates to google play store and that fixed the problem.
commented Jul 31, 2015 by Ali
I am in Rawalpindi Pakistan and having problem error 194 application unable to download from Google playstore. No process could fix the problem. Plz resolve the issue. Thanks
commented Jul 31, 2015 by suzy
I have tried all the steps and nothing is fixing my error 194. I have a S4 tablet. I am located in Louisiana, united states.
commented Aug 2, 2015 by Harris # help please
When i download dailymotion app , it says "sorry dailymotion can't be downloaded due to error 194" help please
asked Aug 2, 2015 in Android by anonymous How do I get rid of error 194?
commented Aug 5, 2015 by anonymous
Good morning everyone, when I try to connect with my ASUS tablet Nexus 7 using the phone as a router, not always but many times even if the tablet is connected tells me I cannot open the connection to the internet tells me connection problems, and when I try to update the app from google play I get error 194.
But the connection icon is full and if I go on Wi-Fi tells me that is connected I can do?
commented Aug 7, 2015 by Bree Castro
I am too having this issue. Looking at this forum board, seems like its been occuring since a couple weeks . So this I feel is a google tech issue. I have same problem ,did the clear cache and reboot device, some app downloaded then I got this error message again. I have lucid droid phone and on my samsung galaxy tablet, apps are working fine. Looking on forum here ,seems some devices work ,some arent. Is this a google issue? Please update with feedback .
commented Aug 8, 2015 by anonymous
Me too having this problem
commented Aug 9, 2015 by brandonbradshaw (100 points)
How do you delete recent updates from a Galaxy S4?
commented Aug 10, 2015 by shynae
How do you remov your Google account from settings?
commented Aug 10, 2015 by osky (127,200 points)
Downloads and updates impossible. To resolve this issue, delete your Google Account by going to Settings> Accounts> Google, select your account and then in the menu of additional options, choose "Delete account".
commented Aug 11, 2015 by @KHEZAR HAYAT LASHARI
Hi, Guys!
If u facing #Error:194 problem in your Android Smart Phone.Then There is no need of deleting Cache Memory of Google Play Store (As mentioned methods by other people).
Just Change Your Internet connection, mean if u r using Wifi on your mobile then Change Wifi connection with your friend etc,  and then try again.
Its working 100%....
Error removed!!
commented Aug 11, 2015 by anonymous
HTC One M9 Optus 4G - Australia
Same error when I download any application from the play store using data... Also YouTube won't work either. Uninstalled updates, removed accounts,  removed cache and data, reset my device... Even created a new account and still it wont work. Not sure if YouTube and play store are linked because they're both Google operated
commented Aug 12, 2015 by aim
Hey people! Don't erase your data don't uninstall any app or play store don't even erase your updates and don't reboot your device and don't clear the cache or don't do whatever the hell are geniuses saying on the internet.
Simply just go to your device id and press the Sync button. It will resolve your 194 issue immediately, in less than 10 seconds
commented Aug 13, 2015 by vijay
sync  worked :)
commented Aug 14, 2015 by anonymous
Sync did work! Thank you.
commented Aug 14, 2015 by Sandy
Where is the device id?? i dunhv any idea. Do i need go in setting or somewhere else?
commented Aug 15, 2015 by Denver
I m having the same problem (error 194) with my SONY EXPERIA E4
commented Aug 16, 2015 by ashraf
Pls tell me how to sync device id???
commented Aug 16, 2015 by Kristi Mesa, AZ
What is the make & model of your device? I'll help if I can.
commented Aug 16, 2015 by anonymous
worked great but had problem finding device id...  thanks a bunch
commented Aug 17, 2015 by Chio
Sync did work! Thanks
commented Aug 19, 2015 by v
better to throw ur cell..rather thn listening to some comments
commented Aug 19, 2015 by mamaduck1985
my phone will not update google play due to error 194, or download fallout for android when it should have no problem doing so
commented Aug 22, 2015 by konnae
Where is the device id
commented Aug 30, 2015 by tapas naskar
My phone not downloading due to error 194. Please give me solution.
commented Oct 22, 2015 by anonymous
I am getting this message trying to update google apps. Located in Uganda
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answered Jul 26, 2015 by George

Hi anonymous,

For general Play Store app errors, please follow these suggestions in this sequence. I know you may have done some of these suggestions, but is is important you follow them exactly.

1. clear google play store cache and data from the settings/app manager/all 
2. remove your google account from settings/accounts 
3. reboot your device and run google play store and login with your account. 

Let me know if this helped to solve your issue.
best of luck,
If my answer (or any other suggestions) helped resolve your issue, please press the "Mark as best answer" button! 


commented Jul 27, 2015 by Arslaan Bajwa
These sugestions are  not helpfull
issue is remain same
commented Jul 27, 2015 by e7m
This one working with me + i do clear cash and data for download manager also.
commented Jul 27, 2015 by JCOP
Hi Team, good day. On Jul 27, I informed at least 2 different blogsites regarding this error 194. I informed dem dat I suspect that there is a Denial of Service attack because this happened almost globally. I believe Google IT team & maybe antivirus companies are working on it. The error occurs only using the wifi. Use data sim for the moment. It will update. Hope this information helps everyone.

Should I get technical findings including signature of a suspected arbitrary code, I will include you in the notice.
commented Jul 28, 2015 by anonymous
I have tried all of this and it's still happing. I have a android LG. Please help
commented Jul 28, 2015 by anonymous
remove your google account from settings/accounts
reboot your device and run google play store and login with your account.
commented Jul 28, 2015 by anonymous
Thanks George
commented Jul 29, 2015 by anonymous
I saw the post from JCOP  about turning off WiFi & use mobile data only, and was successful in getting the other 3 apps I had tried installed, so thank you on that! I still have to think that there is some underlying issue that caused this that should be a concern I would think. Odd situation this is and though I do have a great data plan, it isn't a phenomenal plan. (My thinking had always been that if things aren't running as they should, even if it does work does not mean all is okay. I was able to get some apps installed, but should have been able to do that over WiFi like I have done for as long as I can remember. ) hope that made any sense, but I would like to know more info as it come up if possible. Thanks all for the help-it is appreciated. - Kristi (MotoX in Mesa)
commented Jul 31, 2015 by anonymous
I think it might be for my memory I get much memory checks greetings
commented Aug 7, 2015 by Bree Castro
A interesting ,noticed when I hooked up to my main internet data ,it downloaded apps and then went back to wifi ,it didnt. Thank you for this. I have a lucid lg
commented Aug 7, 2015 by anonymous
to fix the error 194 on google play store what is going to aplicasiones configurasion of your cel. select and remove from play store actualisasiones to return to its factory defaults and all ready friend
commented Aug 9, 2015 by Zachary
I have done this four times but I still get a error message 194 when I try to update or download anything
commented Aug 9, 2015 by gurpreet kaur
I have tried all the things infact I m using my mobile data and having this problem please someone help me I want to download many things from playstore but I m unable to do that please help me
commented Aug 11, 2015 by anonymous
turning WIFI off worked for me ..i did do all the steps befor too so im not sure if it was a combination off all of them TY =)
commented Aug 11, 2015 by Kristi in Mesa, AZ with MotoX
I tried on WiFi only, then mobile data only, and for a very short time (3 apps installed no issues), still ended up getting the error message. I now have a WiFi issue, as it no longer automatically connects. Not lately it seems, not even manually most if the time. I can be sitting in one room of house connected to the Wireless, then suddenly I am "out if range" somehow. (Just sitting there ) though my husband & I do have different phones, we have the same carrier, and he has not had any issues with that. Even in other locations, (like his work) same situation. Not sure if it is connected to the error 194 or not. Any suggestions welcomed.
commented Aug 12, 2015 by Kristi (Mesa, AZ)
No issues on MotoX for YouTube, yet. This definitely seems like a Google issue, with so many different devices. So far that is the only common detail from all the posts.
commented Aug 12, 2015 by anonymous
Okay, I give up-where is this "sync" for device ID? I have looked literally through every setting possible, anything I found to "sync", I did. (Contacts, pictures, anything and everything. Nothing for sync under device though.) Software up to date, so go to install app to see what happens. Less than 20 seconds into it got error 194. Did not fix.
commented Aug 16, 2015 by Kristi (Mesa, AZ)
I have found that on some apps I have to try multiple times to get installed. Try downloading, get the error message? Try again right away. Not always will this work, some I try 3-4 times, reboot phone, try again, then will install. (Again this has not worked on all apps, but have gotten most to load.) Hope that helps til this (hopefully) gets fixed.
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answered Jul 31, 2015 by anonymous
 Uninstall updates to resolve the error 194 on google play store 
If the error 194 still appear in the Google Play Store if you wish to download an app for Android, then we have discovered a second way that has worked in some individuals.
  • Open Android Settings -> Here the point Apps (or applications), touch
  • Now find "Google Play Store" in the list and tap
  • Now you can also delete the data first, and Clear the cache. After you click,  "Uninstall updates". This only applies to the Google Play Store. After some time, the updates are automatically installed for this purpose in any case again. Moreover, this point does not affect other apps that you have installed on your Android device.
Now open the Google Play store and try the app, at which the error appeared 194, re-download. Please write it in the comments if this helped to correct the error.
commented Jul 31, 2015 by anonymous
It seems I no longer need to worry about this error-for now anyway. No clue what fixed it-I did not go through the steps in settings (excluding multiple attempts earlier this week & still got error code after), but apps downloading great, over WiFi. No troubleshooting -just fixed. My guess is phone was stuck in "duh" mode... (I am kidding on the duh mode)
commented Jul 31, 2015 by anonymous
This is the one that worked for me...I'd done everything and several times over, but it wasn't until I ran the uninstall updates that I could then download. So far I'm three install in and no more 194 error least for now!! Thanks!!
commented Aug 3, 2015 by Dizzy pony
Done all of the above, no longer shows error message however nothing is installing or updating, it's just stuck on downloading bar not going anywhere. Advice on how to resolve?
commented Aug 5, 2015 by anonymous
Same result for me. Model qmv7b
4g is working. I am posting this while it says waiting for network.
Prior suggestions did nothing good.
commented Aug 5, 2015 by anonymous
Thank you for your suggestion. I have tried this (as well as each of the other suggestions)  Nothing has worked.  

I think depending on what model phone, maybe different fixes work for different phones.

VERY frustrated.
commented Aug 7, 2015 by Kristi from Mesa, Arizona USA
wow-hope this gets fixed soon-thought it was resolved on my Moto X but have started getting the error 194 again. Various apps, on mobile data, on wifi, some successful after multiple attempts, others never manage to get closer to installing.
commented Aug 9, 2015 by Kristi in Mesa AZ
Does anyone know about the "downloaded" data before it gives the error message? Because I see it get so far in the download, and sometimes even into the install before getting the error message. I would imagine that unless it "undoes" that download, the misc data is stored somewhere on my device, or what? Even if only in small parts that will add up over time I would think.
commented Aug 10, 2015 by anonymous
Uninstall updates Play Store
This also can help. Sometimes an update can cause malfunctions due to bugs or installation is not successful. Rather than wait for these problems to be fixed in the next update, you can keep the initial (and running) the Play Store before going to the same screen and selecting Uninstall updates. This step will bring the Play Store to the original version, as it appeared when it was installed on the device the first time. You can still update it later.
commented Aug 16, 2015 by anonymous
I noticed there are several requests for help with syncing or other help, if you list the make and model of your device makes it alot easier to respond. Though alot of simularities, there are also things that are to be done by specific device. :)
commented Aug 17, 2015 by anonymous
I have tried all of the above suggestions with no luck. In fact after uninstalling updates error 894 now comes up. However I downloaded the Aptoid app and have been able to download or update almost everything, hopefully this will be a good alternative for some until problem has been fixed.
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answered Aug 13, 2015 by anonymous
I was getting this error trying to download Fallout Shelter.  I turned off my VPN (Adguard) and tried again, this time successfully.  So, if you're using a VPN or proxy, try disabling it for the download and see if that works.
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answered Sep 6, 2015 by anonymous
1- clear the "update cache and data" of the (play store)
2- delete all "data cache" of services (google play)
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answered Sep 9, 2015 by anonymous
Googles play store has stopped
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answered Nov 13, 2015 by anonymous

Please follow the steps below


3.appliaction manager

4.swipe your screen to the left until u reach the option of ALL

5.Downlaod manager

6.Clear data

7.Scroll down to Google play store

8..Clear data

Reset App Preferences

1.Go to Settings and then tap on Apps / application manager

2.Now you can see the list of Apps which are present in your device

3.Press the Menu key on your android device (option button)

4.This will bring a pop up box with than tap on Reset App Preferences

5.reboot the phone


commented Dec 6, 2015 by Enamul Haque
I have the same error 194 on my asus ZenFone 5.
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