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How To Fix Error 941 Google Play Market

android error 941 

how to solve error 941 on android phones are ther any way to solve 941 error 


thanks .

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If you use Android and on occasion it has appeared to you the message: "Error:  Google play services could not be downloaded due to an error 941", let you know that you can easily fix it. To solve this problem and continue downloading applications Google Play, what to do is this:

Make sure you have cleared the cache and data of the application and Google Play Download Manager. To do this you must:

Go to menu, select Settings / Applications.
Select the "All" tab. Select the Google Play / "Clear data" and "Clear cache" application.
Then select "Download Manager" / "Clear data" and "Clear Cache".

Your request is being processed: If after following these steps the message "Error will appear. The item is available in a few seconds ", you will have to write to Google, which quickly answer explaining that the problem is solved and you can re-download applications smoothly.

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Problem: Error updating. 
Solution: clean up the cache, delete data and will force the arrest of Play Store Settings> Applications. Do the same with the Download Manager. We will open the Play Store and the problem should be solved.
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This isn't helping. Pls do anything about the error. I don't think Google is doing something to safeguard the previous devices while doing updates.
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How to Solve Error Code 941 Google Play Store App Update

Try some of these solutions google play services could not be downloaded due to an error 941: 
1 Clear the cache store Play. 
2 Check that you can download multimedia content, this look on mobile phones, Multimedia Data and see the tab "restrict background data is disabled (as it is accessed from a G2, S5 imagine that will equal or similar). 
3 Reinstall Play store. 
Test if you can also download by Wifi network or data network, if only gives you data network problems you should fix it with option 2 (this was my case). 
a greeting
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works on my galaxy s5, thanks
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If you use Android and on occasion it has appeared to you the message: "Error: Could not download the update due to error 941", follow these troubleshooting steps: 
To resolve this error, we must do a delete cache and data from the Google Play application and the Download Manager. To do this you must: 
Go to menu and select Settings / Applications. 
Select the "All" tab. 
Select the application and click Play Google above. Then select "Clear Data" and "Clear Cache". 
And presto, after a few seconds have the deleted cache and can get into trouble Play Store.
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To anyone who's reading, I just got a Note 5 and I found a solution that I haven't seen posted anywhere. The 941 problem happens (I think) because of syncing your Google accounts from a previous phone. The solution is to go into Settings > Accounts and delete all your Google accounts. Then use the solutions seen in this thread to clear cache/data for Google Play services and Download Manager. After that, restart your phone. Then add the Google accounts (that you deleted) again. Google Play Services should update just fine after that.
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