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Google Play Store "error 24" how to fix Google Play Store "error 24" next google play store update

error-24 for clean master

Play Store error 24 troubleshoot can you help me please

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error 24 solutions Error -24
because of technical compatibility issues with Kitkat
* Method 1
(you must have root permissions)
Install a file browser with root permissions (root explorer and the like in the playstore)
Root> system> data> com.whatsapp, delete com.whatsapp
Then go to WhatsApp playstore and reinstall the application (if you use it, of course)
* Method 2
Master Clean Install from playstore
Desistalar the application whatsapp
Open CLEANMASTER and perform cleanup as this is indicated is the general menu
* Method 3
If the above two methods have failed, backup your important files (documents, photos, videos, music, etc.) and takes a full factory reset your terminal
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How to fix the error message 24 when trying to install clean master :
Method 1 (requires your device rooted or hacked): 
Install a file manager like Root Manager 
Look for details in the application folder that is giving the error 
Remove the com.whatsapp folder. (for example) 
Now reinstall WhatsApp from the Google Play Store 
Method 2: Delete junk files via Cleanmaster 
Install Cleanmaster 
Uninstall Whatsapp or application that is giving the error 
Now you have to open Cleanmaster, find the files that are garbage and clean them all. (Be sure to uncheck the important files that are detected as junk Cleanmaster Archives) 
Method 3: When all else fails have to do a backup of all your applications and data from your phone and reset the device. 
Most errors can be Google Play until the next major update of the app. The latest version, Android 4.4.4 KitKat so make sure you download the latest version by searching our site.
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Problem: unknown but related to ART KitKat and error. 
If we are root solution is safe. With a root file browser we go to android / data / com.whatsapp com.whatsapp and remove the folder. 
Install Whatsapp from the Play Store. 
If we are not root remove junk files with Clean Master. Whatsapp and then execute Desinstalaremos Clean Master in Advanced mode. 
How drastic option last and will make a backup of our applications and we will do a factory reset. 
Method 1: 
We will select the app in question and clean up the cache. Return to the Play Storey will make the update. 
Method 2: 
We will install the app from the web version of the Play Store 
Method 3: 
'll Turn off the Wi-Fi and we will update or install from 4g 
Method 4: 
Google will remove our account, we will restart and return to add. 
Installation Error Unssucceful 
The name indicates the problem. solutions: 
-Uninstall and reinstall the app 
-clear Cache Store 
-Uninstall updating the Play Store 
-desmontar card installation SDdurante 
-clear .android_secure folder 
No Connection 
Clear the cache 
Review data 
Check Google account
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