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Google Play Store does not work: how to fix it?

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Turns Airplane Mode

Try on and off intermittently mode plane for a while. This simple trick often helps resolve sudden drops in the implementation of the Google Play Store.

Try the Wi-Fi: restart the router

Sometimes problems Play Store starting with problems connecting to the network Wi-Fi. In these cases, you can restart the internet connection, restore the settings and regain the lost connection. You can also restart the router or device, and thus fix the problem.

Looking disabled applications

It is known that certain applications, if you are disabled, can create conflicts with other applications that share data with them when the user applications are specifically connected to the application system and the Google Play Store. Thus, we recommend rehabilitate such applications and services in Settings> Applications> All and then locate those that are disabled.

Force closing the Google Play Store

Forcing the closure of the Google Play Store is the easiest way to fix the problem. You can do this by searching the tab management tasks on your device or in Settings> Applications> All, search the Google Play Store on the list and forcing her off.

Deletes the cache Google Play Store

Your device is designed to store certain data in the cache to speed up the process of loading and reduce memory consumption data. The trouble is that the accumulated data can be stacked and cause memory conflicts in your phone, so it's a good idea to clear the cache regularly. To do this, you just need to go to Settings> Applications> Google Play Store and click Clear Cache in the list of options.

Removes data from the Google Play Store

If you clear the cache was not enough, you should delete all data from the Google Play Store. Go to Settings> App Manager and click Clear Data.

Uninstall updates Google Play Store

Since the Google Play Store is a system application, we can only uninstall the latest updates, but not eliminate the application itself. To revert to a version of the Play Store, we must go to Settings> Applications> Google Play Store> Uninstall updates and ready. If this fixes the problem, we can always return to update it!

Eliminates data cache and Google Play Services

Google Play Services can also cause intermittent problems with older applications if the cache stored start time. Thus, it is good idea to clear the cache and data of Google Play Services.

Disable the proxy or VPN settings

Some users VPN and Proxy have been affected by problems of Google Play Store, and the only viable solution for them is to disable settings Proxy . To access these settings, push for a time in the name of the router, do click Advanced and select Wi-Fi. You can also open the settings VPN through section More under Wireless.

Remove and reset a Google Account

Some users report that reset the account Google has helped them solve the problems of the Play Store. Go to Settings> Accounts and please select the right account Google. After select Delete, and turn to add the account.

Factory data reset

As a last resort, you can try to restore your device to factory data a reset to factory data. Go to Settings> Backup and Reset> Data Factory. Be sure to make a backup first, just in case!

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