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I delete with root explorer and now every time you installed a apk download Internet when the market tells me com.android.vending stopped working and closed and not to do and I'm no android market and Downside is I have android 2.1 and I can not install the google play longer and factory restored my phone and still not working

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http://www.mediafire.com/?uwhpw78566bclj ... 

this link has the 2.1 android market well, if it does not serve the downloaded file, looking for alternatives google looking like "android market 2.1 apk" (important that you seek xd so) and that! after so typical xD, pass it to your cel with the same root explorer install it. :) I recommend it because I can not think of anything else lol and an apk will work on your android and luck: D

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You need to find the appropriate installer package (apk), download and install. It can be done directly from the phone, or you can also look from the PC and transfer the phone with the USB cable.

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