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I have been facing problems while downloading games and applications from Google Play.


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1) We enter the menu "System Settings". There are two ways: the first is through the Settings icon that is sometimes present in the home screen of the tablet (as in Prolink), the second is through the three-point icon in the status bar . Anyway what matters is that you enter the menu.
2) who was struck on the icon of the three points a combo box where should choose "Manage Applications" and then you have to pass them appear instruction 4.
3) In contrast to those who struck the icon "Settings" you will be shown the main menu System Settings and he must first choose "Applications" and then the tab "All" so they can display all applications that are installed on the tablet.
4) From here the steps are the same for everyone. You have to locate the "Google Services Framework" application and press it.
We show several buttons 5) At the next screen, you must press the one containing the "Force Stop" option.
6) For security, the system will ask if we really want to force stop the application informing us that if we could the application does not operate correctly, precisely because we want to stop is not working properly choose "OK".
7) Now the application is stopped. At this point press the "Clear Data" option.
8) Again for safety we are asked if we want to, and blah blah blah again choose "OK" to delete those blessed data that are doing that we can not download anything from the Play Store.
9) That was it. Now turn off the tablet, the turn to turn, entered the Google Play Store and we can download the applications you want.
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Method 1 ( requires to have your device rooted or hacked): 

  • Install un archives manager as Root Manager
  • Look data from the application folder that is giving the error
  • Delete the folder com.whatsapp . (For example)
  • Now re- install WhatsApp from the Google Play Store

Method 2 : Remove junk files via Cleanmaster 

  • Install Cleanmaster
  • Uninstall Whatsapp or application that is giving the error
  • Now you have to open Cleanmaster , locate the files that are garbage and clean them all. ( Be sure to uncheck the important files that are detected as junk files by Cleanmaster )

Method 3 : When all else fails you have to do a backup of all your applications and data from your phone and reset the device .

  • The majority of the mistakes of Google Play you can stay until the next major update of the app . The latest version, Android 4.4.4 KitKat so make sure you download the latest version by searching our site.
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