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The battery died on my Samsung Galaxy Note 2. I finally got it charged and turned back on. But when it turned on, I had lost most of my apps. Now when I try Ito download pretty much anything, I get the error code "-24" on Google Play Store. I cannot even download clean master. My phone is NOT rooted so that's not the problem. I have tried all of the suggestions, except for doing a reset (which I don't want to do), but nothing has worked. Can someone please help?

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Clear the cache and delete data: Open the "Settings" - "Application Manager" and search there for the "Google Play Store". Empty the cache here now on "Cache" and then go "delete data" on.


or last choice try factory reset to solve your problem
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I have already tried doing that and am desperately trying to avoid doing a rfactory reset. Does anyone have any other suggestions?
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