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Motorola Moto G6 Wifi connection problem

Good Morning.

I ask you why I recently acquired a Moto G6, everything is perfect until I connect to my home Wi-Fi, it connects fast, but in minutes it disconnects itself. I can't use WS, FB, YouTube and any application, the phone connects and disconnects intermittently.

Factory reset, uninstall and install the applications and the problems continue.

If anyone can help me with this issue, I appreciate it, either to fix it or directly recommend me to change the equipment.

Thank you.

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the best way to check it, would have been, reinstall it at the factory, and then go by putting the apps one at a time to test what causes the problem, you should not restore the backup made by Google, because the problem may be in any of the app and / or data that you install, you should start with the clean mobile and one at a time as I tell you ...

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Yes .... I already restarted it and just installed Ws ... I will be testing ...

Thank you....!
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