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Question about Motorola Moto E Are 4GB storage could be a problem?

Hi I want to buy a second mobile to use Whatsapp and some very light to kill some spare time game, but I have a doubt, the Moto E has 4GB of internal memory with Android suppose to stay at 2Gb or something More How to a memory time can be filled only with updates? I would not mind just install Whatsapp but I worry that the phone memory is full only updates google services. Thank you

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Do not believe, after all we are wrong to expect it, 2 GB are 2GB, enough to have Whatsapp and updates Google services space have to install other applications, of course do not go overboard with hundreds of apps, 2Gb remain short when you're a heavy user to install games, 1.5GB 1GB or 2GB, but the rest have room, and remember to delete application data when they start taking up a lot;) such as Google + weighs 100 mb sometimes, delete the data and is perfect. a greeting.

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Thank you for responding has been of great help, but one more question because we do not quite understand, how I lose data erase all application updates no? serious bone and let newly installed, not if I explain
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