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I have a problem that prevents me from surfing the internet, I researched a bit and I have finished my resources. See if someone can help me.
I connected to the internet from home happily through the RTB Telefonica, with classic Modem and a free (usually Jazzfree). But one day it stopped working.
The current situation is: I connect to a server (Jazzfree, Gonuts4free), and the connection seems correct, but any website is inaccessible (think I have Windows XP).
The IPCONFIG gives me:
Connection-specific DNS Suffix: (empty)
IP address:
Subnet mask:
Default Gateway:
the NSLOOKUP gives me:
no response from server ( and
* Default servers are not available
I tried different DNS servers, and all give me the same result (both leaving the DNS automatically assigned by the ISP, like writing IPs).
The PING DNS server instead responds me well:
Reply from bytes 32, time = 158 ms TTL = 123
The TRACERT (to that server, does not seem good:
1 143ms 143ms 143ms No resources
I've installed the PingPlotter (improved Traceroute program), and if I put an IP address correctly see how to get to the destination by several intermediate nodes (which does not give me the tracert); if I put a name have to resolve the DNS logically not do well.
I have the Ethereal, but not handling well and do not get me capture what enters me by the Modem. Do not served the Ethereal for traffic by the modem ?.
Does anyone have any suggestions ?.
Thank you very much in advance.

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hi, i had the same problem on a laptop acer and resolved by changing the ip and dns server as follows ...
Start / Run and put cmd and we enter
in the window that comes we get
ipconfig / release
acontinuacion shows that we e have run out of ip and gateway
without closing this window we were going to Start / Accessories / Communications / Network CONNECTION
we right click on the icon for network connections menu and We choose properties
in bentana that opens look: This connection uses the following properties
ahi locate internet protocol tcp / ip
we double click this option
in the new window mark the Movie options: use the following ip address
in the first box put: 1111111111111 now we accept
we mark an error
We again accept all
back to the cmd window
Now we: ipconfig / renew
We enter
we mark an error
close cmd
back to start / accessories / communications / network connections
Right clik on the network connections icon for menu
selected properties
there look again: internet protocol tcp / ip
Double clicsobre this option
Now we make a choice: get an ip address automatically
and down: get the dns server address automatically
We accept all
and we have new ip and dns server detected
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