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server not found; how to repair errors in DNS

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The connection seems fine. The lights on the modem and the router blink healthy, and nothing has been changed in the settings from the previous day. However, wanting to open a page that you know works perfectly, you receive an error (sometimes even a 404) to change. Before disposing of your network and remake it from scratch, you should verify that the DNS servers of your ISP will not be causing problems.
Who has not happened? Everything seems to be in order, the Windows settings intact gleaming physical connections, and yet every page you visit greets you with a reckless server error. You call your ISP, only to receive the reply that everything works perfectly, and that the problem is on your side. But sometimes they say that when they are actually running here and there, trying to resurrect their DNS servers, because they fell so apocalyptic.
server not found; how to repair errors in DNS
maybe this is familiar to you
So how can you verify that the DNS server from your provider you are making life miserable? It's simple: Using another DNS server. Redirect your requests to another server names can get you out of trouble at the wrong time when the DNS servers of your ISP occur to them the bad idea of ​​falling. You can also try another DNS server in order to obtain a decision faster names, thus accelerating navigation. However, if you are carrying out important tasks on the Internet, it is likely that more notes to stability performance. In rare cases, it is possible to make browsing a little slow to open pages, but at least you know you will not abandon you when you're walking on the coals.
comment a simple ping can indicate the status of the dns server.
The first step is to determine the status of the DNS servers from your provider, either by calling technical support, or just doing a ping to the server. To do this, you should open a console system and use the ping command, followed by the number of the server. For example, to Telefónica of Spain, one of the numbers best known DNS server is If the ping command throws an error, then you can search for other servers in the same supplier, but if the error persists, take action.
The second step is to get an alternative number of a public DNS server. There are many available on the network, and that besides being free, offering a very good service. For our example, we use OpenDNS.
the opendns page, the service is free.
for users of Windows XP go to Control Panel, and then do a double click Network Connections. Then, click the right mouse button on the network connection and click Properties. The rest is the same as in the example of Windows Vista, with the only difference that the name is simply Internet Protocol. Put these numbers in the primary and secondary servers ( and ( and accept the changes. Windows XP will ask you to reboot to operate with the new DNS.
DNS error
Configuring DNS on a modem / router Huawei MT880.
This way of configuring the DNS makes are used on each computer, not globally. If you have a router on your network, the more effective you set these DNS in the router. Enter your settings and find the section on the DNS server (usually located under DHCP options). Type the numbers, commit changes, and reboot the router to take effect. We can not tell you exactly how you should proceed with your router, due to the large number of existing models, but the truth is that it should not be too complicated. Consult the manual of your router if you have doubts.
Finally, you should rule out any problems you may have in the Windows DNS cache, open a console system, and using the ipconfig / flushdns command to purge all traces of existing cache.
With these things combined, you can smoothly navigate the nightmare of running out of DNS servers, at least until your provider can replace them online. You can even replace your DNS provider with OpenDNS permanently, if your provider failures are frequent. Remember that this only affects the resolution of the names of web pages, and should not affect other applications like messaging (MSN) and p2p downloads (BT, eMule). Good luck!

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