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How to Solve Error 651 in Windows 7 and windows 8

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Error 651 in Windows 7 and windows 8 and vista
: You can easily see that there are a lot of Windows users have been manipulated by this error (this post has occupied one third of all visits to my blog), and I hope this article can help you solve your problem. But keep in mind, however, all solutions are collected from Internet, such as article, forum, etc, and I can not guarantee they will work for you. If they did, you are always welcome to answer and let people know what you have done to solve your problem. If not, sorry I could not help, maybe you can ask for help from your ISP. I updated several more possible solutions based on responses some readers.
Try starting the broadband tuner Windows 7 and found only does not work and will return with an error 651: The modem (or other connecting device) has reported an error. And you had tried to restart the PC, router, modem, etc, and the problem persists. And in time you want to bang your head against the wall because you can not solve the problem, no solution can be found online because it is not able to get online!
The same thing happened a few days which caused the delayed update blog does. For some regular surfing, I found out that the connection was dropped, so I just disconnect the Internet connection and try to reconnect. But hey, I can not connect back anymore, with error 651 while everything (hardware, Windows, etc) were good. So for a few days, I can not update my blog and I was trying to find a solution for him in office (do not tell the boss, is not it?).
What I found?
It is difficult to find users who have the same problem as mine on the Internet (you may want to praise internet a bit?), But surprisingly, this error seems annoyed some users of Windows 7 (Beta or RTM) and seems not there is an official solution for it.
There are a lot of solutions suggested, of course, by others, as I mentioned there is no official solution for it. If you have this problem in Windows 7 (or can be Windows Vista / XP as some of the solutions that work there), check out what I found:
Replace the raspppoe.sys in the Windows / System32 / Drivers directory. (High risk!)
Some of the user claimed that by replacing the raspppoe.sys in Windows 7 with Vista one seems to be able to solve the problem. However, it is not for me. It does not solve my problem because after replacement, which keep giving me error 797. I do not think that the error was because since this method only works for those teams equipped with Windows 7 and already have the error 651 which is not my case.
Quoted from Reference.com Windows:
The RAS PPPoE driver file "raspppoe.sys" found in the c: \ windows \ system32 \ drivers seems to be the root cause of the problem. Fortunately, we can solve the problem by simply renaming the original raspppoe.sys file to something like "raspppoe_orig.sys" Copying a job file from a Windows Vista system. If you do not have access to a Windows Vista system. click here to download the raspppoe.sys file (unzip).
I do not suggest to replace the file system, as it could cause even more problems if not handled well. However, if you insist to try your luck, go ahead. If you have a problem with the replacement or renaming due to error TrustedInstaller thing, check out this link. Take over ownership of the file and replace it with the light one.
2. Uninstall Microsoft Virtual PC 2007
The responses in windowsreference.com page, some users suggest that uninstalling Microsoft Virtual PC 2007, the problem seems to be solved. I uninstalled my virtual PC that comes with Windows XP so exclusively for Windows 7, but does not solve the problem too. If you have installed Microsoft Virtual PC 2007, later uninstall and see if the problem goes away from you.
3. Disable IPv6 for the origin of the connection
I also noticed that some users claim that turning the IPv6 for the game, the problem can be resolved. Not in my case either.
4. Uninstall modem source
I'm not sure which Windows is applicable, but is supposed to dial the modem, but nevertheless remains linked with error 651, and obviously can not apply to my problem because I'm not using dial up modem.
5. Disable Windows Vista / 7 auto-tuning feature source
One of the users suggest that automatic in Windows Vista / 7 broke and suggested a solution to disable it before updating the firmware for your router. This looks promising, but, however, does not solve my problem because I'm not using router.
6. Disable a special feature on the source LAN card
The user of the Technet having the same problem as mine has tried disabling some special feature in the LAN card as interrupt moderation, etc and seems able to solve the problem temporarily. But again, not for me.
7. Reinstall card drivers LAN / NIC
Most common suggestion of the community, but still, is not the case for me. Both my LAN card working.
8. Reinstall networks in Windows Vista / 7source
Some say that uninstalling the networking in Windows seems that the problem disappears. Once you know does not work for me.
9. Perform clean boot source
The moderator on Technet suggested to a user who has the same problem to perform clean boot to find the root cause, and also replace the raspppoe.sys file. Too, does not work for me. None of the Windows Services / Non-Windows caused the problem.
10. Uninstall Sun Virtual Box
A response saying the problem by uninstalling Sun Virtual Box, along with Microsoft Virtual PC was resolved. I'm not sure, but maybe there could be some conflict between the virtual network driver with the real. You can give it a try if you have any virtualization software installed on your PC.
11. Recreate Dialer and restart the modem / router ADSL
This might work if the error occurs when something hanging over the connection. Remove the marker and create a new one, restart the PC. Turn off the ADSL modem / router, wait 30 seconds, then on again. Then try to connect.
12. Avoid sudden cut connection software (preventive method)
This is from my own experience, I'm not sure how and why, but it is only intended to share. One day, I had my connection and I can install Norton Internet Security without disconnecting broadband. As usual, a security suite for Internet have clusters of modules to protect your PC through a safety net, so I've done some exploring it necessary network bandwidth without turning off. Then suddenly, my broadband disconnected and when I try to reconnect, Error 651 occurs again. Fortunately it does not stay forever I managed to connect after waiting for a few minutes without doing anything, so I've learned that when you know some software is to cut the Internet connection due to some reason, first unplug before proceeding .
In frustration, of course, that rise to my ISP (TMNet, Streamyx, Malaysia) to generate a technical report to solve the problem that I hope I will send technicians to check if the problem as I suspected it is problem hardware (modem, LAN card, etc.) But of surprises, my connection is back without error 651 more. Only then did I realize that it may be caused by my side ISP. I have yet to receive the call you'll wonder what happens to my broadband, but I'm glad that the problem is resolved.
Therefore, if you had tried everything that I have suggested, try to contact your ISP service center, they might be able to solve for you. Good
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1) Remove Broadband PPPoE Connection
2) Restart the machine
3) Create a New Connection Broadband PPPoE
4) Disable and Enable Network Card
5) Open the MS-DOS Command Prompt and type:
ipconfig / release <Enter>
ipconfig / renew <Enter>
ipconfig / flushdns <Enter>
netsh winsock reset <Enter>
Turn off the modem and restart the machine, wait for the loading of the operating system and turn on the modem, wait for Sync and make the connection
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