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How to Share a Printer in Windows 7 and windows 8

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Share the printer connected to a computer.
1.- Connect the printer through a USB port or its remote case in a LPT1 port on any computer on the network.
2. Install the printer using the correct and appropriate to the make and model of the printer driver, and the operating system of the computer (in this case Windows 7). In this case I practice use the Lexmark E232 printer.
3.- already installed, perform a test print to make sure all is well.
4. Ensuring that the advanced sharing settings within the current profile, which in our case is Home or Work, this enabled the Enable file sharing and printer sharing option. Enter a control►Centro Panel Network and Resources Compartidos►Cambiar Advanced Sharing Settings.
5. After the printer must share the entire network of computers. You need only to click the right button on your mouse to the corresponding icon and select Printer Properties option.
By doing a dialog box with several tabs appear, you must select which indicates Sharing. Once positioned there, you just have to click on the box that says Share this Printer. You'll notice that the shared resource field is enabled, that is the name assigned to the device Windows networking. You can change it if you prefer (I changed to LexmarkE232). For change to be saved, you need to click the Apply button and then the OK button.
So far the printer is shared, but now requires every computer on the network is configured so that it knows where this printer, so that in this way we can print text and images.
Setting the PC to add a printer.
After sharing the printer, must install on each computer the printer driver.
A. Enter ► Printers start menu.
B. Give click the button Add a printer to install the printer you want.
C. Upon entering we must select the second option ►Agregar a network printer, wireless or Bluetooth.
D. Select the printer that is shared (Lexmark E232). Notice that says "LexmarkE232 in SEP-C5A81FDF201", this means that the printer with LexmarkE232 resource share name is connected to the computer whose name SEP-C5A81FDF201 team (yes, it's a strange name). In part it says address is translated SEP-C5A81FDF201 \\ \ Lexmarke232. To continue we click the Next button.
E. Connects to computer and printer that is shared.
F. We asked if we trust in the printer driver, so you will need to click Install driver.
G. We let the system install the necessary files on our computer.
H. Upon completion of this screen show us. Only we click Next.
  I. Before the end, you have the option to leave the printer as default and you can also make an impression with the Print a test page.
At the end you should see in Devices and Printers, the representative icon of the network printer that is installed on your computer. As shown below.
I really hope this article helps you share a printer on Windows 7. If you have any questions you have about it can write it in the comments area.
See you to the next post.
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