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How to Fix the Error Unable to connect to iTunes Store after updating to iOS 8.1.1

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There are many users who upgrade to iOS 8.1.1 after being found with a message that says Can not connect to iTunes Store when trying to lose any App from the App Store.
Can not connect to iTunes Store
Although it may happen for other reasons, one of the most common ways to solve this problem is to go to the App Settings -> iTunes Store and App Store and re-enter the data from our Apple account. When the process you may ask us to accept the terms and conditions again - it is precisely this petition barred which caused the error to appear to many users, instead of leaving the screen that asks if you accept the new terms and conditions something that usually happens after an update of iOS in which new features are also added to the App Store or iTunes Store.
We may also ask you not accept the new conditions of use of the iTunes Store, but in any case should be able to access the App Store without problems.
It is not the first time Apple has problems with this; In the past, a problem with the time set on an iPhone, some users had problems accessing the App Store. This time seems to be a problem that is solved by reconfiguring our account in the Settings App. If after that you still have this problem, and if it is not resolved after a restart, probably the fastest way to cut your losses is restoring the iPhone again and installing our Apps back from our backup from iCloud after checking that we can get into the App Store without problems.
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