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Solution to Unable to connect to the iTunes Store

how to fix  Unable to connect to the iTunes Store error

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First of all, I guess I will have proven itself can surf the internet with no problem but not conectaros to the iTunes Store. 
With the implementation of closed App Store, open Settings> General> Date & Time. Disable the Auto Adjust and set the date in 2038-not's okay to make a time travel occasionally-. If the year is no more than 2033 or 2038, nothing happens to choose the highest worth, but always has to be the year to allow top. Having established the year, we left the Settings application, closed it. When I write the application must close, I mean you have to finish it, not minimize it. 
A message indicating that it is impossible to connect to any server may appear. Accept it without problem. 
Open the App Store application. It will surgirnos the problem and re-close it. 
We went back into Settings> General> Date & Time and again activate Auto Adjust. We closed settings and retest the App Store.It works !!!
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If you are one of those users who are having trouble using the App Store and can not download new apps, try to do what we have in this article to fix it. It is something that does not always happen, but sometimes, if the time or date of our iPhone, iPod touch or iPad is not properly configured, the App Store does not allow download new applications.
 Automatic time setting in iOS
 The way to fix it is very simple. All you have to do is open the Settings App and activating this option Automatic adjustment you can find in General -> Date and time.
 With this setting, the time of your iPhone should conform to the current automatically in a while, if not, can change automatically. After getting a correct time and date, possibly the App Store will run smoothly again.
 The trick we learned reader iphoneros AndrĂ©s Toro posted in: Problems connecting to the App Store. Thank you very much!
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