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RPC error: AEC: 0 when installing or updating applications from Google Play on your Android device?  Here's how to solve!

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A few days ago I happened on my Android tablet (after having "played" with some ROM and tried a few things) that the Google Play I made me update or download applications, giving an error like this:
This error called RPC: AEC: 0 not to download anything even if the connection is fine. After several attempts and after a long shot I managed to solve the problem
  • Go to Settings on your device and select Applications; among those present we are going to select the Google Play Store.
  • Clicking on it will notice a screen with various functions End, Uninstall updates, Clear data and Clear cache: select items Clear data (hence should be activated Clear Cache) and Uninstall updates.
  • After everything, also removed the device from your google account: go to the Accounts & sync and delete the account from Google (among the various accounts that you will find, is the one with the Google G) by clicking on it and pressing the Settings (the three dots at the top or the button options on your device) by selecting Remove account.
  • Restart your device.
  • Now reopen the Google Play Store and carry all the classic procedure that is done on first use and application opens: enter details of the email and update the market (you will be automatically prompted to do so).
Now you'll notice as updates and applications can be downloaded without any problem.
With this simple procedure will return to work as usual!
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The procedure was tested on an OS with ICS. However the problem is in the account, and nothing else from what I understand because if you just add the account again and resolves. Try doing Wipe Cache recovery device
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