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When I want to install updates or applications from my Google Play me "Error"
"Can not perform the update appears due to an error (an error retrieving server ([RPC: S-5: AEC-0] occurred.)) "
Please help!
How to solve the problem "There has been an error retrieving information from server. [RPC: S-5: AEC-0] " the Play Store
  • Error retrieving information google play store
  • Error retrieving information from server.[RPC:S-5:AEC-0]

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I don't get it what am I suppose to do

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"There was an error retrieving information from server. [RPC: S-5: AEC-0] "
I have to say, that this problem may be a result of attempting to force the OTA (Over The Air) update my Android 4.3 Nexus 10 to removing the application data of the Google Framework applications. 
There are several possible solutions, from what I've read about them has worked, and some another, I understand that is a result of the problem is reproduced in different ways and / or actions. 
For this reason, I will list the options and the thing is try to see what will solve the problem. 
I'll put them in descending priority. 
Option 1: Delete the data from Google Apps Framework 
Going into Settings -> Applications -> All -> Google Apps Framework. 
We force closing the application and delete data (until completely deleted my data and disable the button, I stress this because sometimes not all data are removed first). 
Option 2: Delete your Google Account 
Entering Settings -> Accounts -> [Google Account] -> Remove account. 
EYE: I notice that some data may be lost appears !. Keep this in mind 
(The apps are stored). 
Option 3: Factory data reset 
Entering Settings -> Backup -> Factory data reset. 
Thus delete ALL phone content, leaving a state as when you first unpack the box at purchase (clearly you have not unlocked the terminal and installed a Custom ROM) 
Option 4: Image Factory Install our terminal, or alternatively one Custom ROM. 
As a last alternative, but I assure you that you are not going to get to this last option, you can reinstall the entire Android operating system on your terminal. 
Add this option because if you choose to install a Custom ROM in most cases as the power experimentaries, usability and quality of your terminal increases exponentially. But this, as I leave for another post or to seek for network of networks. 
Hope you helps. 
A greeting!
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Before you continue reading , you notice the error code red title : only use this solution if you are getting an error with the same code , BUT NO. And seriously, different codes represent various errors , and each requiring a different solution.
This error occurs in some tablets and smartphones with Android 4 when trying to download applications from the Google Play Store for the first time , that is, is a configuration fault the equipment manufacturer , and is an error that does not say much , " was it was an error retrieving information from server. [ RPC: S -5 : AEC -0 ] " .
Usually this happens in tablets of low-medium range ( which cost less than $ 300 :)) . Some of these brands: Soyo , Kelyx , Prolink , EuroCase , FunTek , Nogapad , Titan , among others. But the messages I was getting, it seems that the same is observed in some smartphones with Android 4 also .
This problem has a fairly simple solution that recommended in the forum ... and Google is for both tablets and smartphones. By stopping the Google Services Framework and clear data that the tablet has cached . Then reboot and it should reset the data of the various Google services ( Google Talk, Google Play Store , Google Maps, etc) and may be updated and run smoothly.
And since this issue downloads from Google Play Store is quite common , we reproduce here this tutorial with the steps we clean the Google Services Framework :
1) To enter the menu "Settings" . One way is through the Settings icon which is often present in the home screen of the tablet. Another way is through the three dots icon in the status bar that is also present in some models.
ü2) they click the icon of the three points will see a box in which options should I choose "Manage Applications " and then jump to instruction 4 .
3) While those pulsed icon "Settings" will access the main menu System Settings and then must choose " Applications " and then the tab "All" , so as to see all that are installed on the tablet.
4) Now you must find the " Google Services Framework " app and touch .
5 ) This opens a screen showing us several options. You have to play that says " Force stop " . The system will ask if you really want to force stop the application , to which we will touch "OK" precisely because we want to stop.
6) Now that the application is stopped, touch the " Clear data " option ... Again we asked if you want to, and again choose " OK " to delete the blessed data that are blocking the proper functioning of our brand new device.
7) Now turn off the tablet holding the home button until the shutdown menu appears . Then turn to turn , entered the Google Play Store and now I can download all the applications you want.
If you served here dale LIKE or leave me your comments below .
If you did not serve well, as you may have done wrong or steps have a different error Android.
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Good again to all ,
I must admit that lately I have been a little lost , but today I tell my " Odyssey" to fix the error " There was an error retrieving information from server. [ RPC: S -5 : AEC -0 ] " has been given to a co-worker 's Play Store when update / install apps on your Samsung Galaxy Note.
I'll start with mention to all attempts I held until I gave the solution:
Trial 1 (unsuccessful ) : Clearing the Framework of Google Apps
I read several sources on the Internet, this problem was solved entered into Settings - > Applications -> All -> Setting Google Applications - > Clear data and Force stop . Result: did not work.
Attempt 2 (unsuccessfully ) : Wipe Dalvik cache and the cache partition
After following my intuition , I decided to clean up the Dalvik cache and incidentally also cleaned the cache partition . All this through Recovery. Result: did not work
Trial 3 (unsuccessfully ) : Clear Play Store updates
Since my colleague told me that the judgment was wrong from his relatively recent ( 1 day or so ) , I figured an update of Play Store could be the cause , so I decided to remove the updates via Settings - > Applications -> all -> Play Store- > Delete updates . Outcome: We do not just run out the latest Play Store but also did not work.
Attempt 4 (unsuccessfully ) : Update the ROM to CyanogenMod nightly útlima
Since my partner has an installed CyanogenMod nightly 10.1 , I tried to update it to the latest available version , since it could be that it was a failure that had installed nightly (remember that these versions are not 100% stable ) . Result: It did not work .
Attempt 5 (without success ) : Back to flash the Google apps
Following the various solutions that came to mind me , I tried to flash the Google apps again through Recovery ( Downloaded from the website of CyanogenMod ) . Result: It did not work .
Attempt 6 ( SUCCESS ) : Delete Google Account Phone
I no longer was any solution and chose to do what is not wanted. Remove the Google account you were using the Play Store. So Settings - > Accounts -> [ Google Account ] -> Remove account. After warnings that some data may be lost , and it's accepted what God wants ... Immediately afterwards entered the Play Store. I request a Google account and I put the same account that I deleted .. and voila ! everything works again and I have not lost any device information. Result: SUCCESS
Anyway , I hope this post I find useful. Greetings and see you soon !
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Why does my google play keep saying no server information
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Thank you so much for ur suggestion its working :-)
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If anything has become fashionable lately is to give tablets. I am convinced that you know someone, if not yourself, that you have left a Santa Claus or the Three Kings. Well , I have a friend who gave him a Android system , I had a small problem with downloading applications and has not been the only one I know . Seems to be a common mistake , so I'll put here the solution for you may help someone in the future.
It is a failure that occurs when you try to download an app from the Play Store and causes the following error message appears : " There was an error retrieving server information [ RPC . S -5 : AEC -0 . ] " or" Error retrieving information from server [ RPC: S -5 : AEC -0 ] " .
A workaround is to follow these steps:
1. Adjustments We access and within these to Manage Applications
We can access either from the icon on the main screen and through the Menu button
2 . We have to locate in the list and select Google Services Framework
In general I have ever seen ordered alphabetically. If you do not find sure to be located in the "All" tab and not the " Download " or "In ejecucción " .
3 . We stop the application by clicking on the Force stop button.
We ask " ? Force stop If an application is stopped, it may not work properly. " what answer yes giving the OK button
4. Then hit Clear Data
We will reappear an alert saying : "Delete all application data application data to be permanently deleted This includes all files, settings , accounts , databases , etc ... ? . " And proceed likewise, giving back to OK.
5. Then restart the system.
And this should work correctly
Shortcut - > Settings - Manage Applications - Google Services Framework - Force stop [ OK] - Clear data [ OK]
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what it mean when it says error retrieving information?
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I hope this message will help many people in the future. For several days I mess with this problem and I finally have the solution.

This problem is related to having canceled by mistake or not, application downloading.

There are two manipulation to perform:

First go to: Settings -> Application Manager -> then click the "button" your "menu" phone (I have a Samsung Galaxy S3 and it is the touch button on the bottom left) then do "reset preferences "

Then go (still in the application manager) on the "google play" application and then do "force stop" and "clear cache".
Do not worry about the warning message, it has no impact on your accounts or otherwise.

Then power cycle the phone, and there: magic works!

I am not writing this message, I admit that looks like many others, to spread my knowledge but just because after scouring the forums for a solution, there is no me fully "convinced".

Good luck to all
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  • 1. Settings \ Applications \ All: for the Google Play Store, Google Services Framework and Services Google Play do: stop, delete data, delete the update.
  • 2. Settings \ Accounts \ Google account to sync settings, remove all ticks.
  • 3. Restart the device.
  • 4. Immediately after reboot, Settings \ Accounts \ Google and put a tick back (when a timing error not paying attention).
  • 5. Restart the device.
  • 6. Use.
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