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Do you have any solution about it error retrieving message from server

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Settings> Applications> All> Downloads> delete data.
Settings> Applications> All> Play Store> delete data.
Settings> Applications> All> Google Services Framework (or if they have it in English: Google Service Framework)> delete data.
We turn off the device. Turn it on again. We are going to Settings> Accounts> Add Account, and checked again. Then we go to the Play Store and it should work.

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"I had the problem of error, I can now download updates and applications of Google Play, conclucion .. if no solution to the problem  The solution is to delete the account that was using the Google Play Store. So Settings-> Accounts -> [Google Account] -> Delete account. Following warnings that some data may be lost, and I accepted it as God wills ... Thereupon I entered the Play Store. I request a Google account and I put the same account I borrado..y voila !! everything is working again and I have not lost any device information"
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