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How to solve There was an error retrieving server information. [RPC: S-5: AEC-0]?

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Before you continue reading, you notice the error code red title: just use this solution if you are getting an error with the same code, BUT NO. And it's serious; other codes represent different errors, and each requiring a different solution.

This error occurs in some tablets and smartphones with Android 4 when trying to download applications from the Google Play Store for the first time, that is, it is a configuration fault appliance manufacturer, and it is wrong not tell us much, “was an error retrieving server information. [RPC: S-5: AEC-0] ".

Usually this happens in tablets of low-medium range (which cost less than $ 300 Açıklama: :)). Some of these brands: Soyo, Kelyx, Prolink, EuroCase, FunTek, Nogapad, Titan, among others. But the messages I was getting, it seems that the same is observed in some smartphones with Android 4 also.

This problem has a rather simple solution recommended Google forum ... and serves both tablets and smartphones. Consists stop Google Services Framework and delete their data the tablet has cached. Then reboot and it should reset the data of various Google services (Google Talk, Google Play Store, Google Maps, etc) who will now run smoothly and updated.

And since this problem download the Google Play Store is quite common, we reproduce here this tutorial with steps to clean the Google Services Framework:


1) To enter the menu "Settings". One way is through the Settings icon which is often present in the home screen of the tablet. Another way is through the three-point icon in the status bar that is also present in some models.

 2) Those who pressed the icon of the three points will see a combo box where should choose "Manage Applications" and then jump to instruction 4.

 3) While those struck icon "Settings" will display the main menu System Settings and there should choose "Applications" and then the "All" tab in order to see all that are installed on the tablet.

 4) Now you must find the "Google Services Framework" application and touch. 

5) This opens a screen where we show several options. You have to touch that says "Force stop". The system will ask if we really want to force stop the application, to which we will touch "OK" precisely because we want to stop.

 6) Now that the application is stopped, touch the "Clear Data" option ... Again we ask if we want to, and again choose "OK" to delete the blessed data that are blocking the proper functioning of our brand new device.

 7) Now turn off the tablet holding the Home button until the shutdown menu appears. Then turn to turn, entered the Google Play Store and now we can download all the applications you want.

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Solution to the problem: there was an error retrieving the server information rpc s-5 BC-0
 This error usually occurs sometime in play store when trying to download something.
 1) Click on the "Settings" icon on the Home screen
 2) Go to manage applications or applications or device within applications.
 3) At the top of the page there are 4 sections: "DISCHARGED", "SD CARD", "RUNNING" and "ALL"
 Click "ALL"
 4) Look at the list and search for "Google Services Framework". Then click it
 5) This bundle page click "Force Detention" and then click "Clear Data"
 6) restart the device.
 7) Click "Play Store" on the home page to download applications from Google Play Store
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