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Whether our device is left over of internal memory as if we have very little and we must optimize as much as possible, the message of not enough space always ever arrive.
Then begin to delete photos, music, even apps that did not use for a long time and at the end we realize that space is still probably very busy, which we did not block.
Why delete cache on Android?
One of the factors that concern us most is the cache memory applications, which should be cleaned often to avoid that problem.
At the same time, remove the cache of an application also can help us to solve some little problems that we may be causing that load information from the cache and not updated.
Today we will teach you how to delete the cache needs an app, without having to clear all caches all apps. To accomplish this we need not install anything, because we can do it from the same system. In the event that we may also be Root clear all caches all apps at once. We explain the two options.
Deleting the cache of an application in Android
  1. Will access settings and from there to the category Applications
  2. There will leave us all our applications. We will go to the "Installed" section.
  3. We will open any application you wish to erase the cache, considering that social apps are those that use more cache will not be bad start there.
  4. After selecting the we want only have to press on the "Clear Cache" button.
  5. Menu will accept the message confirmation and that's it, we have eliminated the data
Deleting data cache all applications at once (ROOT)
If we ROOT and have installed a custom recovery we can easily recover entire cache at once very quickly and conveniently:
  2. Will resume our terminal in Recovery Mode
  3. Look for the (varies by recovery) Wipe Cache Partition option.
  4. We will choose that option and wait to be done and the terminal is restarted.
  5. When you reopen the device we can see that the cache has been removed and we can enjoy more spaced.

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