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How to use Android Auto in any car

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Google Android Auto evolves to an application that can be used on any car to concentrate on what matters, the road

Google launched Android Auto in 2014, an adapted version of Android specially designed for installation in cars screens. Some automakers joined this project giving the option to choose Android or Apple Auto Car, its most direct competition. Two years later, Android Auto evolves to all Android phones.

Not that Android Auto, the embedded in car dashboards version is a failure, but requires a system or buy a new car. With this update, Google ensures that millions of phones will become an information platform for best drivers.

The application, which is available for free on Google Play , allows your phone to display the information necessary for conducting a simple way and with great elements to not turn your gaze much matter where the road.

The application provides information Google Maps navigation, music controls, weather information or voice assistant to read the messages that come to you. If they call you by phone, the display clearly shows who he is.

It even has the option to launch automatically each time you connect to your Bluetooth car. You just have to buy one of these adapters to hold it close to your vision and voice control thanks to "OK Google" or quick touches.

Remember that the wheel, all your attention should be on the road. The fewer distractions you have, the better. Android Auto reduces the noise level generated by your mobile phone while driving, but it is not an excuse to lose concentration.

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