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How to Clear Your Cache And Data Applications On Android?

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Today's article is intended primarily for those who have recently started to develop Android. And she was devoted to the question "How do I clear the cache on the Android application?". 
Why do we do this you may need?For example, the application can simply swell ranking. In addition, it may not work properly, return errors, stop run, and so on. There are many reasons, some arise out of the blue. Once you ask this question, you are sure were :)in some cases the solution to your problem is as time clearing the cache and data applications.

For information on how to clear all the debris on the device, I wrote in the review of such programs as the Cleaner Power Clean and Clean Master . But if it is necessary to carry out the cleaning locally, within a single application, to start with, we go into the settings. 
Select then the menu item "Application Manager" (depending on the model can be called "Applications" and so forth.).

In the "All Applications" is a problem with our program, we go into it. In the window we can see the "Delete data" and "Clear Cache".

What is this we need to be cleaned? Or in general, all at once? 
Clear the cache - it's just cleaning debris without any negative impact on your smartphone, tablet, or what have you. 

If you press "Clear Data", then will reset all your settings to achieve in games , conservation and so on. That is, the application will be pristine as when it is installed on your device. 
First, I would advise you to clean the cache, probably it will be enough to solve the problem. If this does not work, nothing to lose - clean data. 

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