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Start Windows 8.1 in normal as before in Win7 Desktop

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A new feature of Windows 8.1 is to start on the desktop directly with the home button as before in Windows 7. So you'll see the usual to start the PC instead of the new (the formerly Metro). It is something that could not be done in Windows 8.
To start the Desktop
  • While in Windows 8.1 hit the Desktop application.
  • Enter the usual. Locate all the way down the taskbar. Is the horizontal bar that among other things contains the system clock. Click on it with the RIGHT mouse button on an empty place. Choose Properties.
  • A window opens. Clicking on it in the Navigation tab.
  • Click in the box When you log in or close all applications on a screen, go to the desktop instead of Home (see below what these other options in this tab).
  • Click OK. Windows 8.1 will open on the desktop directly from the next time you restart your PC.
other options
  1. You can define them in the same place where you changed the startup mode of Windows 8.1. Do this:
  2. Follow steps 1, 2 and 3 prior to entering the Navigation tab of the properties of the taskbar.Additional options are:
  • Noting the upper right corner show hits It is enabled by default. Makes Windows Sidebar 8.1 (bar charms) to place the pointer in the corner of the screen is displayed. Includes options like searching the PC or configure Windows. The sidebar will not appear to do that if you disable this option box. In that case you must use the shortcut of Windows 8.1 Windows Key + c to display.
  • Clicking in the upper left corner, switch between my recent applications
    When you take the pointer to the upper left corner, the default is a miniature of programs and apps you have open. So you can switch from one to another. Disable this option to prevent thumbnails are displayed. You can keep passing from one to another using the shortcut Windows key + Tab.
  • Replace the Prompt for Windows PowerShell ...
    PowerShell is what is called a "command line interface" in the style of the old MS-Dos console (Command Prompt) including all Windows.
    Disable this option to access MS-Dos using the Windows Start menu 8.1 instead of PowerShell. It is the most appropriate option for normal users.
    Enter the Start menu of Windows 8.1 with the shortcut Windows key + xo clicking the Start button with the RIGHT mouse button.
    • Show the Applications view automatically when you go to Home
      When this option is enabled, the application list and PC programs instead of the normal view of the new desktop will be displayed.
    look everywhere instead of just in my applications when searching from the Applications view
    The box to enable this option is available only if the previous active also. Otherwise, appears a grayed.
    Applications View has a built (in the top right) finder. By default only localized applications and programs you have on your PC (for example, serves to locate a Word document or an image of your disk).
    Enabling this option, you can use the search engine to find anything on the computer and not just programs.
    Show first desktop applications in the Applications view when you are sorted by category
    To understand what does this have to know one thing before ... The Applications view can be sorted in various ways: by name, date of installation, most used or by category. It changes from one to another by clicking on the link there under "Applications" and choosing the one you want (see image).
    Turning this option on your Desktop programs are shown first by ordering the Applications view by category. If you turn this off, you will see the default order.
    3-After enabling / disabling the options you want, click OK.
    Automated option with Classic Shell.
    Classic Shell has been popular for years to customize any version of Windows. Using it is free and easy, requires no advanced setting, although you can configure variety of parameters to have the start menu exactly to our taste and needs.
    After installing it to give a click on the start button configuration window in which we must choose a style opens.
    There are three options: Classical - Classical style with two columns - Windows 7 Style.
    And with that we have prepared our home button again.



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